Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vet Stuff

Cloud: Turns out I'm going to have some company going to the V-E-T today.
Niko's congestion has come back (if you remember, he had one "cold" after another that we eventually found out were allergies, not colds). So we've been on the allergy medicine all this time (We both also sneezed some of the time) which helped for several months, and now our sneezing and Nikos' congestion has come back. Mom called the V-E-T to see since it's allergy season maybe he could recommend something else for now, but he asked to see Niko too so into the PTU he will be going as well. Also, he's been scratching at his neck for a while now, (not his collar because even when the Beans take it off for a bath and leave it off for a few days he still scratches), but since there were no signs of redness or fur loss, etc they were going to just let it be until our annual stabs this summer, but might as well get that checked out now too.
Niko: The good news is that Cloud's red spot seems to be fading a little bit. We think it was a bite mark that Cloud did to herself, because she's also been pulling out her fur and over grooming, which is what seems to be the cause of the bald spots. Hopefully today we'll find out why she is trying to become bald.
Cloud: Didn't you know bald is the latest cat fashion?
Niko: Uh, not so much. Let's go sniff the door to see if Grandma is here yet so she can give us treats before we go to the V-E-T at least!

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Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Keeping all 12 paws crossed for both of you!

Tommy, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan