Friday, January 30, 2009

How to make mom go "CLOUD!"

Cloud:Mom came home and found this the other day. She thinks just because she's seen somekitty who looks sortof like me dunking mice in the water bowl several times that she can blame this on me....
She also doesn't think that it's amusing that I..I mean SomeKitty...chose to put this toy in the WET food section of the dish.
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Cattion Contest

Submit your cattions in the comments. And be sure to check back tomorrow to see an award we got, and also so we can show you Cloud's new trick!

Yes, we know we just showed you guys this picture the other day, but Mom has been very bad about taking funny pictors about us. We will have to put the bitey on her for that. At least she's going to the pet store today!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to get Dad to say bad words...

Niko:So, Mom was downstairs with me yesterday, while Dad was upstairs with Cloud. I was climbing around on the couch, and caught a claw in the couch. I must admit- I wasn't very manly- I started howling. And not just a "hello over here, need attention please" meow, but more like the "I'm being murdered!" meows that Texas would do when getting baths.
Well, Mom had never heard this type of meow from me, and was really startled. She came over, and it took her a minute to figure out the problem, and every time she tried to calm herself down and try to figure out where I was caught and help me, I howled again and scared her all over. So finally she couldn't deal with it anymore and started screaming Daddy's name...
Cloud:We were upstairs watching TV together when Mom started calling frantically for Dad. When Dad asked what was wrong Mom just kept screaming his name. And so Dad said some bad words.
Niko: And then he came down, Mom told him what happened, and he saved me! He saved me! And then he gave both me AND Mommy a big hug!
Cloud:We think Mom is a big scaredy cat. But she's kinda cool.

Funny Picture Friday Winner

Cloud : Finally, we can announs the winners. Mom still is cold...
Niko: No, if you bark like a seal, it's "HAS a cold". It's only "IS COLD" if you DON'T bark like a seal!
Cloud: Ok, Mom still HAS a cold, but Mom and Dad and the roommate Mr. D are all home today because it is solid ICE outside! So Mom can help us post the winner today. (Only 1 due to small amount of entries)
Here we go...
Niko: CRASH!
Cloud: ???
Niko: I was making a drumroll by running into a wall!
Cloud: Kittens....

The Winner is :

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Little Red Riding Cloud

Sorry effurycat, Mom hasn't had time to help us blog and announs the winners of Funny Picture Friday because her and dad are cold.
Now, when we get cold, we just hide in the blankies in our boxes until Mom or Dad turns up the heat, but apparently when the beans get cold, they lay in bed, complain, honk and bark like seals, and eat candy that "drop-coffs". They say they should be done being cold soon and Mom can help us blog again soon.
Until then, here is a funny picture of Cloud looking like Little Red Riding Cloud.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Funny Picture Friday

Today is a funny picture Friday, everybody please send your funny pictors to catsinmd at gmail dot com!
We have our own funny pictor to post later today too!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm home, efurrycat, I'm home! I feel fine, not groggy, me and Cloud are getting along fine..TOO fine in fact. I'm STILL trying to mancat my sister, even though I just had them removed! Mom wants to know if this is normal?

Now, to the pictors.

So this first pictor is the last ever pictor of me with hoohas. Mom says you wouldn't want to actually SEE my hoohas though. So instead you would want to see a kitten in a PTU. Moms are wierd.

And the second picture is of my kitty credit card! That's what Dad calls it! Mom calls it my kitty driver's license. It's a card they make with all yer medikal info on it, apparently it's free with every neutralizing/ spraying. The beans say it's cute. Sadly, it's not easy to take a pictor of, but you can get the blurry idea here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Niko Update

Cloud:Where's my brofur? I miss my brofur! OK, I'll keep meowing at you and pestering you instead, Mom!
Mom:The V-E-T just called, and he's fine. His neutralizing went just fine, and they said they don't hear any more of his congestion/wheezing. And they said as long as I get him by 5:30 tomorrow they won't charge me that stoopit late fee, so you will have you brofur back tomorrow when me and Dad get home from DayHunting. [This V-E-T has a mandatory overnight stay policy]
Cloud:Okay Mom, but can we show one of the pictors you took of me and Niko yessirday while we wait?
Mom: Of Course.

Thanks for your purrs effuryone! They worked!

The Big Day (wif small update)

Niko: Today's the big day effuryone. Our food and waters got stolen last night, and the PTU has been brought upstairs. Mom says my neutralizing surgery is a little more risky than most because of my neuro issues (most likely Cerbellar Hypoplasia) so she asks that effurycat please purr hard for me today. She will update this as soon as she gets the call that I'm safely out of surgery (she will be at work so there may be some delay).
Cloud:Mom says today is also a big day because today is Inoggurashun Day. She doesn't like to get political on our bloggy, but she is happy today cuz she likes our new prezzident.
Update from Cloud:Mom called the V-E-T from Dayhunting, and they just told her "well, we don't have any details, but the techs call everyone around 5-6pm (EST). I can tell you he was scheduled for 9am this morning so if he either couldn't have the surgery or their had been a problem, you would have been called by now, but otherwise I don't have any information". So Mom says the short answer is "Your brofur most likely had the surjery and is probably fine, but the V-E-T's office should be calling me in a few hours to confirm everything".

Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Furrrst Snow!

Cloud: Weatherpeople, I am so very sapointed in you. Niko, why am I sapointed again?
Niko:Cuz the wevver four cast has sed "30% chance of a passing flurry"- even now it still says it- all morning long!
Cloud:Well, what's wrong wif that? Isn't this a "passing flurry"?

PEE ESS: Mom wants to know why the people at the Wevver Channel don't just have someone locally look out the window? She says she understands problems forecasting, but once it's happening and has been for HOURS, shouldn't they make some updates? (And yes this is all new snow- we haven't had any accumulating snow before this, all winter)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18th Carnival of the Cats Now Open

Thanks for all your patience, kitties! The Carnival is now open!
Health and Safety Booth:

Beware of Plastic Bags Near Pets

When Cats Attack

5 Surefire Ways to Buy the Best Pet Insurance

Daily Theme Booth:

Tuxie Tuesday

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: We've Found Our Place

Friday Kitteh Blogging: She Would Be 20

Fashion Friday: SonnyBob

Friday Cat Blogging

Finally Feline Friday: Memory of An Elephant

Saturday Night Cats

Active Cats Booth:

In the Sun, by the Fireside, and a New Toy

Watching birdies is easy as long as you don't have to go out in the cold
and chase them.

Audace Watches TV

Feline Miscellany Booth:

Why No Year of the Cat?

For Me, Awww

Just Call Me Seymour Krelborn


It's That Damn Camera Again

I Love My Cat

Good Smells From Parker's Kitchen

Kashim,Othello & Salome: What have you been doing?

Carnival of the Cats..Preparing to Open

Kitties, are you cold?
[That's a picture of our yard from a few years ago-Mom is sad we haven't had any real snow yet this winter]
Well, then come warm up at the Carnival of the Cats today! (It is being held in a really warm sunny location somewhere)

Put your links in the comments for this post, or use the submission form here. If you emailed it, that is fine too!
The carnival is now preparing to open, it should be open by 720pm EST, please watch this space...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cattion Contest Winner

This week's winner is Kiddo.
There will be no contest this week, but next week will be a Funny Picture Friday (Remember though, you can ALWAYS email pictures to catsinmd at gmail dot com and we just hold them for the next contest) and it will be a special Memorial Contest. There was little participation last time, and we want to hold a big one in the honor of all the kitties going to the bridge recently.

Congratulations on this week's win, Kiddo!

Also, we will be hosting Carnival of the Cats this weekend. Be sure to check back here for that Sunday.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A winner in our book

Way to Go Daisy, always a winner in our book!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Halp! My date with destiny has been sealed!

Niko here. I tried to talk her out of it yesterday. Before we got put in the basement Dad had brought me upstairs to Mom and told her it was time to schedule my "surgery" and left us to snuggle her in bed for a bit.
And instead of laying at her feet like usual I headbutted her repeatedly and licked her face and demanded to be cuddled and made biscuits everywhere. I was absolutely a "Mama's boy" but she could not be persuaded.
My appointment is next Toosday morning. Please everyone purr for me. With my neuro issues (we think I have mild cerebellar hypoplasia as my symptoms have never worsened and all the main disease causes like FIP and Toxoplasmosis have been ruled out) surgery is a bit more risky for me and Mom is furry furry worried about me meeting Auntie Stezia.

Oh, and she's a bit cranky with the vet. They tolled her she has to pick me up on Wednesday between 11 and 5, and they are a 24 hour vet, it's not like they go anywhere, they even have normal hours until 8pm, yet if she gets there even a minute after 5 they charge her TWENTY BUCKS. They won't even give her til 530 (she gets off work at 4, so she probably will be there RIGHT at 5, but will have to race, and really doesn't want to pay 20 bucks for being less than 30 minutes late). So she is seeing if her best friend or the roommate can pick me up.

Confused Two-Kitten Tuesday

We are BOTH confused today because yesterday even though Mom was home, we had to stay in our room ALL day. And there was lots of banging and hammering noises. And there will be more today, the Beans say.
But they seem HAPPY about this. Strange Beans.
Oh well. Back to regularly scheduled scratching.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Confused ManCat-in-Training Monday-Update

(Update at bottom)
Niko:So, since today is Mancat Monday, I decided I would for the first time ever practice being a Mancat---on my sister. Well, Cloud ran away and Dad scooped me off and said "No, Niko". Then he carried me upstairs to Mom and said "Ok, time to schedule surgery for this little mancat!".
See, I'm a mancat! I'm a mancat! Oh wait, I'm only 6 months old. Then why do I need surgery???
Obviously, no photos were taken of me "mancatting" my sister, since I was removed quickly, so instead, I will show you the last photo of Cloud taken before HER surgery 2 months ago. (She came home very upset that night, which made Mom worried, and she forgot to help us post the picture before)

Cloud: Don't worry, Niko and I are indoor-only cats except for harness time in the summer, and I'm already sprayed, but obviously the beans aren't encouraging this sort of foolishness from him. The only reason they waited so long to get him sprayed- oh wait, I think on mancats it's called neutralized- is because of his minor neuro issues and his colds. Mom thinks he's healthy enough now and so she just has to wait for the vet to call back with some details and then she can schedule the appointment. (Niko is being taken to the regular vet since his surgery is more risky due to the neuro issues, and they have drop off and pick up appointments that are less convenient for the beans than our shelter vet did). I will let everyone know when his neutralizing appointment is.
Update From Mom:The vet called and answered all my questions about the surgery. I then said OK, transfer me to the front desk please so I can make the appt. So she did, and I waited on hold listening to Christmas (!!!) music for ten minutes. They answered, I said "I need to make an appt" and they said hold on, and I listened to Christmas music for ten MORE minutes. They answered again, I said "I need to make an appt" and the Christmas music came back on, so I hung up. I will try again in the morning. He probably will be getting neutered NEXT Tuesday, but I'll update when I can.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mom hates Verizon

Mombean is having a bit of a rant right now..go check out her blog to see why she's so upset. She figured she wouldn't take over our blog with this. But man is she ever mad at her new phone company. That wasn't even supposed to BE her new phone company.

How to gross out your bean's roommate..

Niko: So Mom and Dad came home from work, and their roommate immediately reported that Cloud smelled badly. Mom said "well, that is why she's called Cloud, Mr. D", and Mr. D said "No, not her farts. HER!".
So Mom picked up Cloud, and thought Cloud did smell a little funny. Mom said she would have Dad help her give me a bath when she got back from fizzical therapee.
So Mom came home, and was about to go get Dad, and she was wondering why on earth Cloud could smell bad, since Cloud seems to be feeling fine and is bathing herself and all. And so she figured she'd go check our room to see what could be amiss. And she found a large "imprint" in one of the litter boxes, and litter scattered everywhere. She figured it out! She figured we were playing THoE through the litter boxes again!!
Now here's the really funny part. She came back upstairs and told Mr. D that she thought we'd played THoE through the litter box, and well, Mr. D is what mom calls "highly germo-phobic". Mr. D went "ewww", said some bad words, said "they've been crawling on me all evening! (what, does he think we are WERMS?!) I'm taking a SHOWER" and immediately RAN FULL SPEED into the bean litter box room. Mom thought it was gross too, she washed her hands of course, but wow, Mr. D was REELY GROSSED OWT!
Then Mom shook her head and said to herself "well, now I can't give them a bath, can I?!" and mentioned something about buying "covered" litterboxes. Well, how do we use them if they are covered?!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cattion Contest

Here is this week's Cattion Contest picture. Submit your funny cattions in the comments section! You have until 9pm est Sunday.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vote For Daisy! (with update on the "Pengwin" site)

Daisy is in the running for Best Pet Blog of the year. Everyone, go vote for her!

Also, we've noticed lots of cats wondering what is up with the "Penguin" site. We wonder that too. But we found the contact webpage for the Weblog Awards beans and you can all have your beans help you email them to complane.
Click Here to ask the Weblog Awards people what is up with the stoopit Pengwin site!

Lastly, everyone, be sure to scroll down to see who won our cattion contest.

Cattion Contest Winner

Congratulations, Fin!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Most Popular Pet Names for 2008 has a list of the most popular pet names for 2008, and the most unusual as well. Do any of you kitties make the list?

6 months old


And Now:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's a New Toy!!

As promised, we said we'd show you what we got at the auction for Beau. And here's a video for you to enjoy. We absolutely love this new toy! Thank you so much, Beau!

(If you can't see at first in the video, keep watching. We reminded Mom to turn on the light about 10 seconds into the video)

Update on Mom

Her doctor says it looks like her knee is getting better, so she has 6 more weeks of therapee and they will re-evaluate then! Hopefully this means no surjeree! Yay!

We also got a packij in the mail yessirday. We won one of Beau's aucshions and got the coolest toy EVER! We will show you videos and picshurs of us playin' wif it tonight or tomorrow!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Send Mom some purrs...

Mom is going to the bean v-e-t today to see if her knees are getting more straightened with the fizzical therapee. If not, the only way she will be able to stop swearin' and complainin' when she goes up stairs is to have surjeree.
Please send purrs that the therapee is workin'.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Sen-Chan

Mom is terribly heartbroked over this. Sen-Chan was one of the first kitties Mom and Texas met when they first launched Texas' blog back in July, and Sen-Chan always visited him frequently, and then visited us a lot too.
Mom says she is sure Texas is there to greet him and she thinks they are up there playing together now at the bridge.
The contest will still run today, but in Sen-Chan's memory.
Until we meet again, sweet Sen-Chan!

Funny Picture Friday!

Everyone has until 9pm est tonight to submit your funny picshurs. Let's get those picshurs comin'!! The address is catsinmd at gmail dot com.