Friday, October 31, 2008

Special Edition Funny Picture Friday and Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Effuryone!
Only a few more hours to get your pictures in for the Speshul Texas Memorial Edition of Funny Picture Friday (today was when the beans celeberated Texas' Gotcha Day). Send yer funny picshurs to catsinmd at gmail dot com by 9pm est Friday! Please, let's make this a rilly rilly big event!

Thanks to Ann from Zoolatry for these!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I learned a new trick!

Niko: Daddy was givin' me my medisins, and I shot a big stream of the icky liquid RIGHT IN DADDY'S eye! Iddn't dat cool?!?!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Things we are thankful for:
1: Our new collars (Mom will be taking pictures of us wearing them soon, we are wearing our old collars in the picture below, it was taken Sunday)
2: That we are bof feeling better
3: For the warmy blankie that Mom turns on each night for us to sleep on now
4: Eachother!!!

Don't forget, tomorrow is Funny Picture Friday. Please submit your picshurs to catsinmd at gmail dot com by 9PM EST tomorrow, it's a Furry Speshul Edition in Texas' honor (his gotcha day was sellibrated on Halloween). We will be announcing last week's Cattion Contest winner tomorrow- with my spay and Niko's cold, we compleetly forgot! We Sowwy! Oh, and one last thing, we absolutely LOVE kitties in costume. While any furry in any funny situation can enter, we are slightly partial to kitties wif clothes! Some of these pictures we see of cats wearing costumes would do very well if they entered!

Test Results (Updated)

Well, I (Niko) tested negative for FIV, FeLeuk, and Toxoplasmosis. This is good, but we still don't know why I wobble a bit (although since it's not getting worse the vet isn't really concerned, it's a very mild wobble). Also, I have not pooped since last night, and I have only eated a little bit today. The V-E-T said to give me some canned pumpkin, and I eated it, I actually thought it tasted good, so as long as I go poopy by tomorrow I don't haf ta go back to the vet. But if I seem sick in the morning or if I seem OK but still haven't gone when the beans get back from day hunting, then I haf ta go see the vet.


Wednesday Updates and Reminder

Cloud:I iz feeling much better. I'm still a bit sore and tired, but much better than before. And I don't hate my brother anymore! We spent a lot of time cleaning each other and snuggling, and we tried to playfight and play THoE but we got seperated when we did that too much right now, the beans say I need to rest a bit yet.

Niko:I seem to be feeling better too. Mom says I sound a little less congested, and I'm definitely more active! Mom also says sorry we haven't posted much or visited much, because "School has been kicking her butt".

Also, please remember that Friday is a special Funny Picture Friday, in memory of Texas. Please be sure to submit this special Friday so we can have a big contest in his sweet memory! Fanks! Email your submisshions to catsinmd at gmail dot com.

Love and Headbutts,
Niko and Cloud

Monday, October 27, 2008

So Very Grumpy

Cloud: I am such a mad little kitty today. No food or water last night, and then Mom took me to visit some aliens. They made me sleepy and when I woke up I had no belly fur, and I'm a bit ouchy right now. I was apparently not very happy to see my brother, because I gave him some REALLY MEAN growls and hisses. So I got put in my room with some dinner, and nom-nommed a ton of food. The beans thought I might be ready to try again, but I still wanted to attack my brother, so we are quarantined for the rest of the day (we still were going to be put in seperate rooms for the night, but the beans were going to let us snuggle for a little while until I decided not to behave).

Niko: My sister is so wierd. She hates me right now, and I don't know what I did!! And then my day was stinky anyway, cuz I had to go to the V-E-T too! I still have a cold, so we are trying yet anofer anti-biotic!

Mom: Please send purrs to both my babies. Cloud is basically OK, but she does appear to be slightly uncomfy and I hope she stops hating her brother soon.
Niko also seems generally OK, and we may be getting closer to finding out what is behind all his upper respiratory infections. I asked that he be tested for FIV and leukemia today, and when they took him back to do so, the new doctor we had today asked me about his walk. We never mentioned this before, but he does have a slight wobble and tremor. His regular vet (there are several at this practice) felt it was something he would grow out of or maybe just a mild brain issue that he was born with that will just be there and cause no harm. Well, this vet noticed and thinks he may have Toxoplasmosis, which she says can cause both respiratory issues and neuro issues. We will have the results of all 3 tests probably on Friday. Until then, he is now on Clindamycin in addition to his Clavamox. The Clindamycin should help if it is Toxoplasmosis, and may help too if it is some other infection. Both cats are also on Lysine, by the way.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carnival of the Cats now in progress...

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats!

There are some scary people wandering around this carnival...

Let's Go to the Haunted House...

And Now, let's see what cats we have this evening!!!
Diamond is telling us all about Carnival Blogging today.

Ernie found a cricket, but Momma took it back outside before Ernie could have a lot of fun with it.

Scary Samantha, Scary Little Bean, Scary Mr. Tigger. Scary.

A little bit of a scare withHer Ladyships' Eye

The Hottiesare holding a bit of a purrthday party for Fat Eric.

Oh no, it's the The Dark Invader Introoder Kitty!

Rafe is looking very majestic this weekend.

Cece is celebrating Caturday
She is celebrating it here too!

Meowza is busy showing us who the Mancat of the Day is...

AtIdyllic Dreams, we are told to Let Sleeping Cats Lie! Duhhhh!! hehehehe

Kismet is absolutely excited now that his allergies are gone. Or maybe not :)

Loup-Garou got stressed and caused stress at The House of Chaos.

AnnieMiz tells us about Cats in the News and also shows us a cat so cute it should be illegal!

The Pets Central has tips onbringing a kitten home (our Beans know all about that now!) and also on kitty beds

It is Finally Friday at Manxmnews

Parker wants to talk about her new cat tree.

Tiny and Babycakes visit us from Sisu this weekend...

Ted has went over to the dark side!

Hendrix is being quite sneaky...

Lastly, we have some wonderful photos of Faith Boo.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Carnival....

Carnival of the Cats Is About To Begin...

The Carnival of the Cats is coming here today! Click on that link for submission information, and the Carnival will be arriving later this afternoon! (It will arrive only a few hours before poor Cloud has her foods stolen in preparation for her spaying tomorrow...)

Cloud: SAY WHAT?!

NOTE: The submission form isn't working at that link right now, so either email your submission to carnivalofthecats(at)gmail dot com or you can just put your submission in the comments. Last thing....You still have until 9EST tonight to submit a cattion for the contest! SCROLL DOWN AND ENTER!! :)

While you wait for the carnival, check out some things we aren't supposed to do.

The Carnival is now setting up and is currently admitting cats currently in line. If you need to get in line by following the steps above,you still have time.

Looks like it will be a scary but fun carnival today...

There will be a Haunted House (click to biggify)....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cattion Contest Time!

Hey, is anyone gonna purrticipate? We have like two entries this week?! Sheeshies!!

This weekend's picture comes from the evidence file again. And be sure to check back on Sunday for the Carnival of the Cats, hosted here, and also we will be showing the rest of the evidence file for BKCFoC! Without further ado, please put your cattions in the comments! (Remember to use quotes for your cattions, please!)
Also- if you want to see what's on the monitor, bigify the picture. It was simply what Momma had on the screen when she caught me on the table, no politcal bias intended!

Just a reminder as well..
Texas' Gotcha Day was a few days before Halloween (the beans are embarassed to note they forgot the exact date and always celebrated it on Halloween instead). To celebrate his wonderful memory, we ask that this Halloween Friday and on the Friday closest to each Halloween every year thereafter, that as many cats/woofies/buns/etc as possible purrticipate in the contest for a once-a-year Funny Picture Extravaganza. You can email your entry for the Funny Picture Friday anytime before 9PM Friday to be considered, you can even submit now. Submit your entries to catsinmd at gmail dot com.
Please help our Beans smile in Texas' memory as their favorite holiday becomes very sad this year..
Fank Yoo

Things We Aren't Supposed To Do:

Things We Aren't Supposed To Do:

Climb on the fax machine, computer, or computer table
Sit in Mommy's chair when she's about to sit back down
Attack the broom
Play with cords (while on top of the computer table)
Stuff our head in the candy bowl
Mess with Momma's lunch/work bag all the time

No, Mom, we never would do any of those things!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Updates and Impawtant Announcement

Texas' Gotcha Day was a few days before Halloween (the beans are embarassed to note they forgot the exact date and always celebrated it on Halloween instead). To celebrate his wonderful memory, we ask that this Halloween Friday and on the Friday closest to each Halloween every year thereafter, that as many cats/woofies/buns/etc as possible purrticipate in the contest for a once-a-year Funny Picture Extravaganza. You can email your entry for the Funny Picture Friday anytime before 9PM Friday to be considered, you can even submit now. Submit your entries to catsinmd at gmail dot com.
Please help our Beans smile in Texas' memory as their favorite holiday becomes very sad this year..
Fank Yoo


Our VET visit was yesterday. Mommy made Cloud come with too cuz Cloud is sneezing again. Well, Cloud is OK the vet says, but Niko still has his cold. He is back on his old antibiotic now, because even though the cold came back when he had the banana flavored antibiotic, at least it did more than the cherry flavored one did, and the vet says there are limited amounts of medicines that kittens our age can have. Update: We are already on lysine (generic Viralys) for our sneezing, but Niko has a bacterial infecshun on top of his virus, which is why he takes his Niko-biotic.

Also we wanted* /89 (Mom: Cloud, just tell me what you want me to type- get off the keyboard!!) to tell you that we are hosting the Carnival of the Cats this weekend.

Lastly, here is a preview of the Evidence (that red bag is mom's work material/lunch bag, and it's not exactly Niko-allowed)...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kitchen Fun with your cat

For a laugh this morning, check this out!
It made momma laugh A LOT.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the winners are....




(Cateditor note: Yes, Roxie is a winner, we just made an oopsie last night...)

Your badges will be arriving by email by tomorrow, those of you that have bloggies. Concatulations!!!

Our other contestants are:







I'm confused and broked...

So I have to go get SPRAYED on Monday. Apparently the beans think I am broken and need to be fixed. They don't think NIKO is broked....

That's cuz ACHOO! I'm still sick, stinky! They said I gotta get fixed eventually too! Achoo! At least you don't have to go back to the ACHOO! vet tomorrow for more stinky cold medisin!! Achoo!

We know we still need to announce the winners of the last contest. Mommy PROMISED to help us wif that tonight.

Monday, October 20, 2008

You might be some kitties in Trouble if you...

Get caught red-pawed enough in one day that your Mommie managed to accumulate enough naughty photos of you that she decided to create a folder and label it "Evidence"!
Apparently she is planning to show these photos to Dad when he gets home from work. Hmm, we'll have to do these things on the days when both Dad and Mom are at work from now on...
Oh wait, that might be why we have to stay in the big sleeping room when we are not snoopervized....hmmm...

The only good thing is Mom is going to let us share her Evidence folder on Sunday for the BKCFoC...we've never purrticipated before!

-Niko and Cloud

Big News!

First off, the mystery box contained....

Forty Paws Ham-micks!!

We totally think they are purrrrfect! I (Niko) prefer my ham-mick, Cloud's not so crazy about hers, however, she is quite content to snuggle with me once I am already in my ham-mick. And we think eventually Cloud will start using hers on her own, or maybe the beans will put hers upstairs or something so we have one on different floors.

Also, we wanted to announce that we are now Offishul Cat Blogosphere Repurrters!

We will do a second post later today with the Funny Picshur Friday winners.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging: 4th Update

Go ahead and post your weekend cat blogging links in the comments for this post and we will update periodically.


First, we have our own big news today. This came in the mail on Furriday.

Mom said it was "the stuff she ordered for the kittens" and asked Dad to assemble the contents of the box for us.

Daddy, what dat? Tune in on Monday to find out...

For our visitors, Rosa has some beautiful catnap photos of Fridolin. Also, there are MORE new visitors at The House of Chaos.

Next up, we get into a Halloween theme. Tristan shows us how he caughted a spider for his massage therapist. And Diamond is having a Monster Movie screening.

Continuing with the Halloween theme, check out the Halloween decorations that Samantha and Mr Tigger have.
Taking a break from Halloween, we have proof that Gree is something special, and we have some lovely photographs of a cat here. If someone who meows French wants to help us with a summarized translation, we can post that here.
There are also some nice lazy Sunday cat photos at Catsynth.

Back to the Halloween Theme we go... Willow has a really pretty Halloween Picture up! Go see it!

Funny Picture Friday

Hello Effuryone. Just a reminder that today is Funny Picture Friday. Submit your funny photos to catsinmd at gmail dot com. We are running low on submisshions, so please submit! You have until 9pm est tonight!

Here is a picture of us helping Daddy sweep. Aren't we such helpful kitties? But Daddy grumps at us when we help him sweep! We don't get it! And Please Note: The cat food you see him sweeping appeared magically. We would NEVER knock over our food bowl playing herd of elephants, would we?!

We will post the winners on Monday since we have WCB this weekend! The WCB post will go up around 9pm this evening after the beans get back from bowling (we wonder if they throw bowls at the pins??). In the meantime, there is also The Friday Ark to board.

Oh and one more funny thing I want to tell you about my sisfur Cloud...she really is a phone-a-holic! Every day, several times a day, she climbs up on the table with the phone and the White Box, and she pushes the button on the white box with her paw. The white box sometimes talks to her in different voices, and other times it just beeps twice. I wonder what this white box is....Whenever she does it, Mom or Dad or Roomie pick her up and tell her she has "No New Messages". I say she is a phone-a-holic cuz if a bean doesn't get there in time, she then knocks the phone onto the floor. This is all furry furry strange. I keep sayin', my sisfur is an Alien...


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Until we meet at the bridge, sweet Tiki...

Rest in Peace, sweet Tiki. You will be missed. We iz sure that Texas is taking good care of him up there.

Thankful (and not Thankful) Thursday

(We interrupt this message to remind everyone tomorrow is Funny Picture Friday. Submit your funny photos to catsinmd at gmail dot com by 9pm tomorrow)

We is thankful today because Ann from Zoolatry made us these cool pictures.

Niko is also thankful because his antie biotic only has to be taken 2x a week after today. That is much better than his first antie biotic, which was 2x a DAY!

Oh, and Dad is Not Thankful because he has Jerry Duty today. We don't know who Jerry is, but he apparently lives in a courthouse downtown. We think Dad should just be thankful he doesn't have to go to the Day Hunting place today.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slightly Wordy Wednesday

Just a few things to say about today:
1: PTUs are un-fun
2: V-E-Ts are un-fun
3: Whose dumb idea was it to make kitty antibiotic in cherry flavor???

P.S. The vet thinks I'm basically OK but I do have a cold again so I got a new antibiotic

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Urgent: When one word can save a life..

Mommy is borrowing our blog for a moment. We hope you understand, but cancer is a very important subject to her, after losing Texas last month.

Momma K: So, I just found this link where apparently, the father of the CEO of some company called Rocketboom, who is also a philantropist, is dying from Multiple Myeloma.
There is only one possible cure, a drug called Tysabri, which is not officially approved for treatment of Multiple Myeloma. The Mayo Clinic and several people have urged the CEO of the company that makes Tysabri to just say Yes to allowing this person to get the treatment, yet the CEO is saying no for some reason. The son has a blog post that tells you how specifically to help urge this CEO to please please allow this man to get the treatment.
UPDATE:Now that I've been home from work, I've had time to research this more. I am noticing all sorts of holes in the story. Many people have pointed out on the other blogs that it seems unsual that the CEO's approval would be needed. Others have mentioned that the dying person was supposedly a lawyer who sued drug companies his whole life. I am leaving this post up because I don't know for sure that this story ISN'T true. I do want to apologize to my readers for not verifying my facts on this before passing this along. I get quite irritated at people that pass on stupid chain emails warning of ridiculous dangers without researching the facts. I fear I may have done something similar today, but I simply did not want another person or animal, whether it turns out this guy is some crooked lawyer or a philantropist or something in between, to die of cancer. If this all turns out to have been some strange hoax, please accept my sincerest apologies.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cattion Contest Winner

The winner is Sophia, the Diva Kitty!
You will be getting a nice badge by email shortly!
Momma's not feeling well today. She has to go to the human v-e-t. And Niko's cold came back after going off the Auntie Biotic, so he has to go see the v-e-t.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cattion Contest

Time for another cattion contest! Here is today's picture. You have until Sunday evening to put your cattions in the comments for this post. Please be sure to put your cattion in quotation marks! Fanks!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blogger Kwestion

Hai, does anycat know how to enable cattergories on blogger? Momma wants to help us cattergorize our posties and she duzn't know how!


Thankful Thursday

We are thankful that Cloud has not had a reaction to her shots. She already ate all the wet food Mom gave us for breakfast AND a lot of the crunchies too!!
We are also glad that the bugs in our ears should be going away soon.
We are also thankful mom gets a good education at school, but we really wish her homework would get done soon so she can take lots and lots more pretty pictures of us, and visit our friends. She says she will probably be busy for another week though :(

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Cloud:I was stuffed into my PTU yesterday and carted off to the shelter vet. Apparently since I had my first shots there with the shelter lady, Mom says the second shot and my "surgery" will be part of that payment package and so I have to go to the shelter for those things. Anything else I or Niko need Mom will have the Vet at the Bottom of the Big Hill do, but we went to the shelter vet for this. Well, Mom told them they changed my name to Cloud, but they misheard and wrote Clown on my chart! Can you believe it?! Oh, and what's this about scheduling surgery for me in a few weeks?!? I don't need to be fixed, I'm not broken!
Well anyway, they introduced me to someone named Ben A. Drill and said he would make me not feel so icky after my shot this time. Strangely he was invisible and they stabbed me right as they were introducing me to him, and then stabbed me a second time a few minutes later. Oh, and then they said I have BUGS in my ears and have to get drops twice a day! The only good thing is they said since me and Niko are such good friends and he's been scratching too, he has to get the drops too. HA HA! Anyway, so far I don't feel sick from the shots, but it was about 24 hours after my last shot that I got sick, so I'll be watched quite closely tonight and tomorrow.
Niko: I didn't even go to the V-E-T and the V-E-T ordered medicine for me! This is not fair! I promise I don't have *scratch* bugs in my ears, I just have *scratch* sensitive ear furs! I *scratch* promise!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two Sides To Every Story Tuesday

OK, Niko, WHO does the cooking??

And WHO is helping with the laundry here?

Alright fine, let's not argue, let's just take a nap together!

Oh, and Mom said she has something called "mean professors" and "lots of homework for her night school classes" so we might not get to blog much this week. But she also wanted you to know that she finally got her silver machine back! And this means that I (Cloud) am going for my shots today! Let's hope I don't react the way I did a month ago!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mancat-in-Training Monday

Please be sure to scroll down to the previous post to see the winners of the contests we held last week!

A Mancat-in-Training has lots of duties.

I have to cook dinner:

And I have to do the laundry:

I even clean up the stray furs at the edge of the carpet!

No wonder I need a nap in Daddy's lap!

Oh, and I also forgot to announce, I am one of the newest members of the M-Cats Club!. And please be sure to scroll down to the previous post to see the winners of the contests we held last week!

Contest Winner Announcements

The winning middle name for Cloud is Nine. My winning middle name is...just barely squeaked out enough votes...Tex!
And then we also have to announce Funny Picture Friday winner. We only had 3 entries, we fink cuz we announced it kinda late, and so we only have 1 winner this week. We hope we get more entries in two weeks!
The winner is Zoey who apparently wants to go on a spending spree!

Concatulations, Zooey!
Our other contestants were:


and Charybdis