Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two-Kitten Tuesday

Cloud: Hey, Niko, do you know how this works?
Niko: Not sure, let me come help!

Efurrybudy, check the sidebar to vote on our names, and also for announcements on the Funny Picture Friday and Cattion Contests!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Time to vote on the names....

We will be making two seperate polls, one with my potential middle names, and one with Niko's. Here are the submissions in pair form, as they were submitted, so if you want us to have matching middle names, you can easily see below what the pairs are to make it easier to vote on them. Check out the comments for this poll if you want to see who suggested which names. You all have a week to vote. As for the funny picture contests, it was close to an even split when people voted for one or the other, and most people said they liked both. So we will be alternating between the two formats, with a more detailed announcement to come soon. Here are your choices for voting:

Cloud Sheeba
Niko Lawrence

Cloud Hibiscus
Niko Tex

Lady Cloud Bluesky
Sir Niko Motion

Cloud Rose
Niko Maxwell

Cloud Nine
Niko T.

Cloud Sun
Niko Night

Cloud Dee
Niko Vee

Cloud de lune
Niko Maverick

Cloud Cuddles
Niko Nugget

Cloud De Day
Niko Nix

Saturday, September 27, 2008

And the winner of the cattion contest is....

Max!!! We liked the cattion he suggested best! In case you missed the original contest rules, you can see that here.
Here is the picture with the cattion on it!

Check back tomorrow for the info on how we will be proceeding in the future with photo contests, and also for voting on our suggested middle names!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fractious Cat Friday

Just a quick note- today is the last day to vote for your preference on cattion/funny picture contests. Also, if you want to pick out a middle name for us, the contest for that ends tomorrow evening. Click here to pick out our middle names.

On Wednesday it was 3 weeks since our OWCB died. Yesterday MomBean and DadBean received a sympathy card from the vet's. They said it was very nice, but then proceeded to cry a lot.

Today is a Fractious Friday, in memory of our One Who Came Before, Texas.

Here is one of his last photos.

Here are the flowers his old housemates Murphy and Daphne sent him after he went to the bridge.

Here is his grave in the backyard. Mommy put some of his flowers on it for him.

And finally, in loving memory of our OWCB, here we are being fractious with each other!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful today for the two awards we received. We received an award from Jan's Funny Farm and also from Sen-Chan and Tom. We will be updating this post with the actual awards soon. UPDATE: We also got one from The Cat Realm. We will be updating the post soon, we didn't forget.

We are also thankful that although Mommy's silver machine doesn't work right now, that the mean people didn't manage to drive it away, and that hopefully it will be fixed and useable again next week. We is also happy she was able to rent a white machine cheaply until the silver machine is fixed.

Some people are just jerks....

Mommy went out for her walk last night and saw that the silver machine's lights were on and the rain removers were going. Since it was sunny when she parked the car, this made no sense, so she immediately went to her silver machine, and saw the key thingy had been removed!!! And there was a brick on her passenger seat! And the passenjir door had been "jimmied" so now rain can get in.
Somebody tried to steal mommie's silver machine!! I mean, we don't like riding in it for the vet neither, but come on!! Fortunately, mom's silver machine has a compooter in the key and the enjin that says "my owner isn't driving me" and turns off, so they couldn't drive the car away, but now mom can't drive the car neither! And she has a "high deductible" on her inshurans. We don't know what all this means, but mom started mumbling about green papers and timing and being upset. She is waiting for something called a "toe truck" to take her car away to be re-peared. We have no idea what fruit and feet are going to do for her car.
Please give mom some purrs. She stayed home with us because she had to call the inshurans and the toe truck and wait for the rental to be delivered. They couldn't do most of that last night because some people called "clam adjusters" weren't in yet.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


For those of you cat-bloggers who check your Google traffic, what is the wierdest search result or results you ever found? We don't get many Google hits, but the funniest one our One Who Came Before got was "how to annoy cats". I bet there are wierder ones than that.

If you are here for the naming contest, scroll down one post or click here.

Naming Contest!

As promised, there would be a contest to pick our middle names. After taking like TWO HUNDRED pixtures, mom finally managed to get a few non-blurry still shots of us.
There are videos in the post below as well (scroll down, or click on Older Post at the bottom of this post or click here to see the videos), if that helps you get a sense of our purrsonalities. Please post your suggested middle names for us in comments, and once we pick out the finalists, there will be a new poll up for you to vote on the finalists. We are announcing the cattion contest winner soon. You can comment on our middle names here until Saturday 8pm EST. One last thing, please vote on the current poll to determine what kind of picture contests we do in the future. If you do not know what Texas' funny picture Friday was, go here.

OK, now pick us out middle names!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two-kitten Twosday

Late post this evening, we need to put the bitey on the mombean about that... we will be announcing the winner of the cattion contest tomorrow.... We aren't good at posing for still photos yet so enjoy some video. First, view my sister, posing as an evil attack can of carrots.

Next, watch Cloud's styling moves with her toy, followed by her watching me snuggle a bunch of closed cat food cans.

Our beans find these videos entertaining, we hope you do too!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Quarantine Removed!

The V-E-T says Niko prolly just has herpes virus and once his runty little self kicks it, he will stop sneezin'. Da beans was also a little worried cuz he didn't eated a lot today, but the V-E-T says since he's so perky and all he's probably just got hisself a little stomach upset, maybe parasites, or he's just excited about me being here now. And Niko ate a bit more when we got home, so the beans think he's prolly OK.
Well, here's our first non-quarantine picture. We are mostly playing, and doing a little bit of whapping to establish pecking order, but we seem to remember each other well. Niko tried to put the laser beams on me, but it didn't scare me!


My sisfur is a wierdo. Yes, really.

I know every brofur thinks his sisfur is wierd, but mine really is, OK? I got put in my sleeping room so that Cloud could have roam of the house. While Daddy was supervising this, Mom went to the store and had Cloud's ID tag made, and got us some more food and toys. Well, Mom noticed Cloud really likes playing with the bell on her collar, so she bought lots of jingle toys for us. So, Mom got home and dumped the bag of toys on the floor (we each got a bag of like 6 toys), and Cloud played with them for a few minutes while Mom took my bag down to me. Then, Dad put Cloud's ID card on her collar, and the ID tag makes noise with the bell on her collar, so now my sisfur keeps running in circles chasing her bell on her collar instead of playing with all her new toys. I heard mom muttering something about "buy a kid a toy in the box and it plays with the box..."

Mancat-in-Training Monday

Hai! Cloud is fine, she is still being hidden in her quarantine room so I don't-achoo! sneeze achoo! on her, and she is relaxing a bit before Mom takes more photos, so here are some of me being VERY mancatly. Oh, and we will announce the winners soon for the Cattion contest, but Mom and Dad are both a little sick. They have fleavers, too. I guess those are invisible fleas that make you put beeping temperature takers and pills in your mouth and complain a lot.

I was sleeping under Daddy's chair when mom got ready with the flashy box. I wasn't in a mancat pose yet so I ran up and tried to attack it!


Putting the bitey on Mom's Evil Attack Shoelace

More shoelace bitey time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My sisfur is home! My sisfur is home!

No pics of us together yet, we are quarantined ( I fink this means separated) until our next v-e-t visit because I (Niko) still sneeze, but here she is!! Scroll two posts down or click here if you are here for the cattion contest!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Breaking Urgent Awesome News!

I am at home with daddy, but I strained really hard and overheard mom on her cell phone on her lunch break at work today. I made out the following words:
The shelter lady's name

I also located a PINK litter box, PINK food bowl, a cat carrier that looks similar to mine but does not smell like me (and mine is still in my sleeping room), and several new toys that don't smell like me and dad won't let me play with. Does anyone have a clue what on earth is going on???

OK, now scroll down and play in the Cattion Contest!!!

Dare, and Cattion Contest Time!

First, I want to say a sincere thank you to everyone who participated in the dare for Texas. My Beans miss him terribly, and are so happy that so many people pitched in to save other Beans from losing their beloved kitties to that dreaded cancer. So, we are participating in the newest dare, about the environment, by starting recycling this month. We already do other things like using flourescent lights and keeping our water usage low, but recycling used to be very complicated in the city we live in. Fortunately, they just overhauled our recycling program last year, so it's much easier to purrticipate in.
It's not creative, we know, but mom has been very busy the past week and didn't have much time to think of or do anything more creative.

Now, on to the cattion contest! Here is a picture of me. Please submit your cattion for the photo in the comments, and we will choose a winner tomorrow evening. You have until 8pm est tomorrow (Sunday) to submit cattions. There also is a poll in the sidebar to vote which contest you like better! Please submit your cattion in quotation marks so I know what the cattion is and what is just a comment! Oh, and in case you were wondering from the photo, I HAVE gained some weight this week, I now weigh 2 pounds!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Meow Like A Pirate Day!

Aye, hi, argh! I just wanted t' say Happy Meow Like A Pirate Day, argh! We've seen a lot o' the bloggies and they all look reallly nice, argh!

Well, Mom did a Photoshop o' me on a boat. It's not very good cause she not be havin much time! Mom had to be at the worky-place, arrgh, and now she has to go throw balls at pins cuz she's on a leeg, arrrgh....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cattion Contest!

Hey everycat (or everyhamster, bun, woofie, fevver, other NOMS critter- yer all invited too), help me make a lolcat!

So, Mom had promised that she would ask any cats she got after Texas if they would hold a funny picture contest like Texas used to. Well, I have agreed to this, but we will have to ask Cloud once she gets here too.

But since Mom really misses running the contest, we will do something similar this week, and then once Cloud gets here we might go back to the old format.

I am going to post a funny picture of meself Saturday morning. All you cats will have until Sunday night at 8PM EST to suggest your caption in comments, and then Mommy will select a winner Sunday evening. Mom will then add the caption for it in photoshop and add it to our bloggy.

I hope you all visit me this weekend!


Today's Activities- T13

1. I woke up when the dadperson came downstairs and let me out of my sleeping room
2. I climbed on dad-person's keyboard while daddy was trying to use it
3. I got put back on the floor
4. I chased my mousies
5. I climbed up daddy's leg while it was still early in the morning and he was grumpy and trying to use the computer
6. I got put back on the floor
7. I squeaked and squeaked and squeaked to get picked up while it was still early in the morning and he was grumpy and trying to use the computer
8. I got carried upstairs and sat with mommy
9. I got snuggled by mommy
10. I dive bombed mommy's bare foot repeatedly
11. I got put on the floor
12. I tried to eat cords dangling near the floor
13. I got put in my sleeping room with the door closed for a little while

Does anyone know what # 13 has to do with the first 12 items? Or do you guys think it was just random that I got put in my room?


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


HELP! HELP! Daddy is squishing me!

Actually, no, Dad' s not squishing me. He likes to dangle his foot and I try to attack it. But it looks like I'm being squished.

I speak!

Take a look at these cats on YouTube. It's really cute. I don't know who these cats are..but I might be related, cuz I can meow just like them. Mom is stalking me with the video camera and next time I do it she will record it. I wonder if when my sisfur gets here if we will talk like that to each other?

Adding to the blogroll

I'm hoping all of Texas' friends will be my friends, so I tried to add everyone to my blogroll, but if I didn't add you to the blogroll and I should have, please either comment or email me at catsinmd at gmail dot com, please!


I always thought it was good to be positive...you know, "Have a positive attitude".
But that wierd v-e-t that wanted to test my poop just called and said my poop was negative. And the beans are happy about this for some reason. Silly beans...

They did say that sometimes you get false negatives, but since I'm not showing any signs of coccidia right now, it looks like it's just my cold to deal with..


Mom feels a little better today...

She hasn't had time to be sad last night and today because I've been racing around the house non stop!!! I've been getting into all kinds of trouble. I keep trying to eat cords (this gets me real stern talking-tos) and I climbed up a bookcase and knocked some stuff over! Oh, and then I started happy-pawing daddy's keyboard! He wasn't using it, so I don't know why he picked me up and moved me!

I ate a ton of food yesterday too! My activity level and eating amounts weren't that bad to begin with, but man, I really picked up the pace yesterday! Plus, I sneezed a little less, and my congestion was seeming better most of the day. My nose also isn't runny anymore.

And then more good news, Cloud is all better! But since the V-E-T says I can't have any visitors yet, not even my sisfur, the shelter lady is going to take Cloud for her ladygardenectomy instead of having my mom take her. So Cloud should be here next week.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mom is sad today...

She really misses Texas a lot. At first, she was in such shock she wasn't as sad as she thought she'd be. She was sad, but not this sad. Then, she just desperately wanted another cat- or two. This is a distinct and different feeling from missing Texas. She missed Texas, AND she wanted another cat. I think she was so busy wanting a cat, that she could only think partially about how much she missed Texas. Well, now she has me home so she doesn't miss having a cat in general anymore, and she's not in shock anymore, so now she just feels really really really sad today. Reallly sad.

Tummy Tuesday!

We will type later, but for now, enjoy this beautiful photo of my tummy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Mousie!

As promised, here is video of me and my new toy!

Back from the V-E-T

Well, I have a cold, so I got put on antibiotic. I'm really well-behaved about taking it.

They are gonna test my poop tonight to make sure I don't have worms and that the coccidia is gone and mom has to call the vet tomorrow to give an update on my progress.

Although the v-e-t doesn't think I'm like dying or anything, he says I have/had too many things going on right now for Cloud to come home. Cloud needs to stay at the shelter until both her and I are much healthier so that we don't just reinfect each other over and over again.

This is a little sad, but I have good news too. MOM BOUGHT ME A NEW TOY!!

It's a giant mousie. Pictures soon.

Hello, World!

This new strange lady that says I can call her "MomBean" says that "Hello World" has special significance for her, as a programmer. But whatever all that means, Hello!!

My name is Niko, I was just abducted (adopted, Niko!) from a rescue yesterday. My sisfur Cloud is still at the rescue, because we fink she had a reacshun to her shots on Wednesday. Once she is feeling better, she can come home and live wif us too!

StrangeLady-I mean MomBean- wanted to wait until my sisfur was well, but she thinks while the rescue lady tried very hard, I wasn't getting as good medical care as I should there, so she decided to take me home as soon as I was ready.

I am definitely a "two-cat" cat, and I'm super snuggly. This is totally different than how the One Who Came Before, Texas was.
I like to climb, especially pants legs that are in use by Beans, and I like to nibble, especially hair and necklaces. MomBean had to stop wearing her necklace for now cuz I liked it so much I would try to strangle her with it!! :)
I also get underfoot a lot. This causes problems for mommy in the kitchen. She almost stepped on me, and she was so startled that she crashed into the kitchen counter! Hehehehehehe!

I have to go back in my new PTU today because I am getting my first visit with the new V-E-T. It's the same V-E-T MomBean and DadBean took Texas to, and where the fevvers go as well, rather than the V-E-T the shelter lady uses. So, I have to meet a new V-E-T. I think this one is strange, cuz he wants MomBean to bring him a sample of my poo! How wierd! Oh, Mom says it's to make sure that the icky parasite that made me puke and have diarrhea is gone. Oh, I guess that makes sense....
I also sneezed a few times yesterday. I haven't sneezed today though, some MomBean thinks I might have herpes like Texas did, and it just flared up yesterday cause I was so scared at first.

Well, I'm gonna get ready to go to the V-E-T, but I'll post more later. Before I go, here is a picture of me being a parrot. It's my favorite spot to snuggle.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Complete Silly Picture Contest Rules

Every other Friday, we will have a Funny Picture Friday in memory of our OWCB, Texas. Submit us your funny photos of yourself to catsinmd at gmail dot com. You can submit photos at ANY TIME, but they will only be judged every other Friday. The contest is open to effurybudy, but in the event of a tie, since this is a cat blog, photos of cats take preference. Also, please only use photo editing software for things like red eye.

Also, every other Friday, we will have a Cattion Contest. On Fridays when there is no Funny Picture contest, our Beans will post a picture of us on this bloggy, and you will have until Sunday at 9pm EST to submit a cattion for that post in comments!

If you have questions about either contest, please email us at catsinmd at gmail dot com.