Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cloud Tummy Tuesday

Givin' Mom the lazer eyes for calling me "Portly Princess" again...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vote for us! Puh-leeeeze :)

Today (and we think it goes on until Thursday) is our match at Kitty Fight Club.

Here is our picture in case you forgot how cute we are :)

Also, don't forget to enter our Cattion Contest.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cattion Contest

As usual, cattions go in quotes in the comments section, and you have until Sunday 9pm EST to submit.
No funny picture friday winner this week, low submissions, so we'll roll over the submissions from that to next week's contest.

Thursday Thirteen- Niko's Honest MeMe

As promised, now it's my turn to do the Honest MeMe.

1. My favorite people food is pumpkin. Cloud thinks I'm nuts cuz I like to eat pumpkin.
2. I love to snuggle much more than Cloud does.
3. I have Cerebellar Hypoplasia . I get around OK though!
4. I have allergies (So does Cloud) so we take Aunty Histamines. My allergies were worse than Cloud's, and Miss Diagnosed as a cold for months before they finally decided it might be allergies! (I sneeze and wheeze if I don't take Aunty Histamines)
5. My favorite toys are boxes and my track-ball toy.
6. I am 9 months old now, just like my sisfur. We are littermates.
7. Because of my CH, I have trouble jumping, but I'm a very good climber.
8. I am named after a character in the movie Since Otar Left. Mom really liked the name a lot and Dad said she could name me whatever she wanted if he could name Cloud.
9. When I get excited, because of my CH, I start bobbing my head like I'm agreeing with you.
10. Mom and I are really having trouble thinking of thirteen things to say about me. I should bite Mom for not being a better help.
11. I absolutely love being near my sisfur and I whine like crazy if she isn't playing with me and the beans aren't playing with me either. I hate being alone!
12. My favorite spot to sleep is on Mom's pillow. I don't bite Mom's hair like Cloud does, but if I get lonely I will purr in Mom and Dad's ears and wake them up sometimes.
13. When I run, I sound like a horse galloping because my CH makes me run funny. Mom says it's really cute though and so sometimes when I run she'll interrupt me, pick me up, and give me kissies!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordy Wednesday Challenge

We are purrticipating in the Wordy Wednesday Challenge hosted by Zoolatry.

Thanks for letting us play, Maggy & Zoey & Ann!
Also, everycat please scroll down or click the link to check out our entries for Kitty Fight Club!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitten Fight Club!

Here is Niko's entry for Kitty Fight Club.

And here is Cloud's:

And if there was a "Team" entry, we'd use this:

We don't think there is, but we hope you enjoyed that photo anyway!

Yellow Alien

For the Photo Hunt this week, Mom posted a picture of Sam, one of the three yellow Aliens that live in Mom's office. Sam's picture is on Mom's Blog. She asks that nobody try to leap through the computer and eat him. And below are Mom's other birds, Tigo and Harry.

Don't worry, we will resume normal kyoot kitten photos tomorrow. Oh, and in answer to a question, the birds are usually in their cages in Mom's office with the door closed. When it's time for their wings to get stretched we get put in our basement and play. So that's how Mom prevents us from eating them.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Maintenance Kitten Monday

Cloud: I'm just performing maintenance. Why did Mommy take my picture and then yell at me (she was laughing too, but still!)?
Niko:Cuz we're not allowed to stand on the computer and climb the walls, silly!
Cloud: Oh.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cloud on Sunday

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Niko on Saturday

In response to questions, we were wandering around the kitchen playin' and Mom kept shoving the non-flashy flash box in our faces because she "is running out of pictures of you to put on the blog".
She says we didn't do anything interesting lately--so Cloud showed her this morning right before she left for work! We've got a really funny picture to post now in the coming days!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fractious, Flashback, and Funny Picture Friday (with kitten video!)

Inspired by Eric and Flynn we are doing a Flashback this Friday. It is also of us being Fractious like Texas would have wanted- we are Wrasslin'! This is our FIRST EVER video of us together, this was done two days after Cloud came home. We'd never posted this before, but we have posted others from the same night. Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to submit your photos to catsinmd at gmail dot com.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- Cloud's Honest MeMe

We've seen the honest meme going around, so I'm going first, and then my brofur wants to play next week.

1. My full first name is technically "Cloudripper" because when I get nervous, such as meeting my new parents for the first time, I get really bad gas. Mom does not like when Dad uses my full first name.
2. I will be a year old in less than 4 months!
3. My middle name is Nine.
4. I get into a lot more trouble than my brofur.
5. I like to drink out of glasses.
6. I like to drink out of the toilet.
7. I like to help Mommy when she is playing video games by tapping on the keyboard and biting her paws gently. This makes her grumpy.
8. I am terrified of the outside.
9. I love to sleep on the radiator.
10. I love to swish food around in my bowl and play in the water bowl.
11. I love to climb up on the computer table. This is normally not allowed, but if I lay down between Mom's monitor and her computer and go to sleep, Mom has trouble picking me up from that tight spot and plus she feels bad about waking me up, so she usually lets me stay there.
12. I love to explore the entire house. I love shelves!
13. My favorite toy is string of all types.
Click here to see who won the cattion contest last week!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cattion Contest Winner!

Derby is the winner of this week's cattion contest!

Please let us know if you have won a contest recently but we forgot to email you your badgie. You can emale us at catsinmd at gmail dot com.
Also, don't forget to emale pictors for Funny Picture Friday this week.

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Mom. Doyoumind? I'm sleeping in this tub of stuff, okthanxbye. Oh, and yesterday's picture was Niko's Tummy. Good work, The Crew and The Island Cats!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

17 + 2 More Poisonous Plants to Avoid

This week is Poison Awareness Week.
NotTheMama has an excellent post (originally from the ASPCA but he added pictors and more deetales) on 17 poisonous plants to avoid. Go Check it Out!
P.S. Also check out these two plants to avoid!

Cats needing rescue in the Chicago Area

Mom found this notice today. We are re-posting the notice here. We just want to clarify that this is a notice she found online- WE are NOT in Chicago so unfortunately we cannot help beyond re-posting this notice but we hope many of you will do the same and pass the word around.

I'm a pet photographer in Chicago and often go to people's homes or shelters in the area, photograph pets and help them find homes.

I went to one woman's home and there were about 85 cats ... disgusting situation.

So, basically, I accidentally stepped into this hoarding case and I'm now working with the city of Evanston to find a safe place for all the cats to go ... 35 have gotten out, but that leaves 50 cats to go.

All are black, or black and white ... most are at least spayed/neutered and virsu-tested, some are vaccinated, and a few are micro-chipped too.

I'm reaching out to all the rescues and seeing if anyone can take just two cats ... They are a little on the shy side, but none have been truely feral.

We can even deliver!

I've got to get the cats out by March 31st or they will be euthanized.

cell: 312-961-4571

Petraits Pet Photography
web site: http://www.petraits.com/
adoptions: http://www.petraits.petfinder.org/
e-mail: sheri@petraits.com
Please let all the blogging kitties know about this!
We also had a little Tummy Tuesday Mini Contest below.

Tummy Tuesday

Can you tell whose tummy this is?
Post your guess in the comments!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mancat Monday

Four Words. My Straw. My Box.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Singing on Saturday with Cloud (and Dad)

The Beans are REALLY undignified some days. Oh, and be sure to enter our Cattion Contest if you haven't yet!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cattion Contest

Here I am, beautiful Cloud, sitting on a shelf. Yes, I put myself here, I was not "posing". In fact, I was forceably removed after this photo was taken! Hmph!
You have until Sunday 9PM EST to post your cattions!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

5th photo Meme

Well, we've seen the fifth photo Meme going around and wanted to play.
The fifth folder on Mom's compooter-GASP-does not include any photos of us!
This folder is labeled CHICAGO 2008 and does not have any pictures directly in it at all!
But it has lots of folders in it, and the fifth folder is labeled Natural History Museum.
The fifth picture in that folder is very scary looking!

Mom says she thinks that thing is called a BISON and that it is not alive anymore.

Mom didn't get to post a lot of her Chicago pictures because Texas got very ill shortly after they got back from Chicago, so we said she could post four more of her pictures. (So now it is a FIVE photo meme instead of FIFTH).
From the first Chicago subfolder, labeled Brookfield Zoo:

Mom says that is a Very Blue Bird, but not a bluebird!

From the next folder, labeled Family.

That is Grandmom's (Mom's Mom)two best friends since elementary school, and then Daddy. The lady in the middle is Mom's Godmother. The reason Mom and Dad went to Chicago last summer was so Mom could meet a lot of her extended family. Mom was born near Chicago but moved away when she was a baby. Grandmom is a little sickly, so sadly she could not make the trip to Chicago (she is not dying or anything, but her legs and shoulders don't work well and she takes lots of medicines and stuff). Mom also met her half-brother in Chicago seeing him for the first time in person, but he doesn't like his picture taken much so we won't post the picture of them here.

Next folder is Misc. Mom says this stands for "random junk".

That is a picture of downtown Chicago, near the Shedd Aquarium. Do you see our Daddy in the middle of all the people?

Mom has about 10 folders in the Chicago folder, but she wants to show one more from the misc folder. This is a picture of the fish statue near the Shedd Aquarium. Mom really liked the statue.

Well, we hope you enjoyed all the photos!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

{This picture was taken right after this one)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fishing with Cloud on Tuesday

Cloud: Some of you may remember how our big brother was a fisher. (Turn your volume down if you watch that, for some reason the microphone amplified every little sound by about 5000) Well, so am I. Only we prefer to drink our water out of non-plastic bowls, and I prefer to fish with my wet food. This doesn't work so well.

You might want your volume on for this vido, the Beans added sound effects.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Can you believe this?

Mom says we got one more award last week, and she was so busy with her homework then she didn't have time to help us post about it. Well she is very ashamed to admit that she couldn't find the comment anywhere were the cat/cats told us we got an award and so sadly,we won't be able to post it.
She promises us it won't happen again, but we are so very mad at her.

She also found out for sure that our internet problem is on Comcast's side. We've been through some spare routers and two cable modems and even when directly connected to a computer without a router we still have problems some of the time. At least she was a good Mom and auto-loaded a bunch of posts for us so if we completely lose internet we'll still get our posts out.

Mancat in Training Monday

Please be sure to scroll down to the prior posts to see the winners of the contests. We are making up for lost time by posting fast and furiously! Well, at least fast...

Niko:About a week ago, Mom helped us post a pictor of me with a straw. Well, we mentioned I might post a video of it too. It took some convincing, cuz it shows you how messy our house can get sometimes. Cloud:The beans aren't the neatest beans, but this isn't all their fault. We'd been playing THoE for about 2 hours before this video got takened, so don't blame the beans compleetly. Niko:Anyways, I DEFENDED my STRAW! Turn up the volume to hear me practice my ManCat Growl!

Also, I got my Mancat-in-Training Badge recently!

Please be sure to scroll down to the prior posts to see the winners of the contests. We are making up for lost time by posting fast and furiously! Well, at least fast...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Funny Pictor Friday Winners

[Also be sure to scroll down to the prior post to see who won the Cattion Contest!]
The winners are:

First Place: Sparky

Second Place: Chilli

Third Place: Samantha and Mr Tigger

And the other contestants were:





Also be sure to scroll down to the prior post to see who won the Cattion Contest!

Cattion Contest Winner!

The winner is...

The Island Cats

We have the winner for funny picture friday (We merged the two week's contests), an award to announce, and much much more in the next few posts, so be sure to check back.
Also be sure to scroll down for the Flake Update.

Flake Update

At least we don't have these flakes anymore, that was last week.
Now it is 70 F. Winter is confused.

The beans are still trying to figure out what's wrong with the innernet connection. Mom got a new modem yesterday, and the modem isn't the problem. It's really complicated because the problems keep showing up in different ways but it's either the router or the line from the cable company to the house. Sometimes the modems blink like there is a problem, sometimes the routers say they dont see the modems, sometimes the computers don't see the routers. Mom's friend brought over some spare routers and they've been trying different things, right now they can get online through the router but not wirelessly and sometimes they lose the connection briefly. Comcast won't be here til Saturday so they have time to keep experimenting with routers to figure out whether it's the routers acting wierd or if it's the innernet connection. Fortunately we should be able to get our posts auto-loaded in case we lose connection again, and Mom should be able to find time to help us bisit.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Cloud: What a rough night! Mom says that their roommate is a flake (we didn't see any flakes by him though) and he left the toilet lid up and the bafroom door open, and me and Niko snuck in again! Mom heard noises and saw me leaning and drinking out of the toilet! So I got a BAF again!!! UGH! Niko was only playing wif the carpet, so he did not have to get a baf.
Niko: Mom also says there are flakes in our internet connecshin! She's had to unplug the cable modem several times over the past day, and so she doesn't know if our cable company is just haffin a bad day or if we will have to wait for them to come out and fix it eventually or what.
Mom is at work today writing this for us,and when she talked to Daddy a little bit ago he said he didn't see any more flakes, but she is off work the next two days and so if the innernet connecshin goes out again for a longer period of time, she won't be able to get out any more of our messages until Toozday, and doesn't want you guys to worry if that happins.
As long as the innernet connection keeps working, we should be auto-loading a bunch of posts tomorrow sometime, because we haf a lot to catch up on!
Cloud:We never saw any actual flakes by the cable modem, just saw Mom sayin' a few bad words, but whatever, she says the connection is "flaky" anyway. We dun' get that part.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Funny Picture Friday!

Submit your funny pictors to catsinmd at gmail dot com!
If you submitted 2 weeks ago, it's already in the judging pile- we are going to announce 2sets of winners, unless we don't get enough response today.

Mom is DONE her homework!Well, at least all the stuff she was behind on. So she is resting for a day or two and then we'll be posting MUCH more regularly!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snowy ManCat-in-Training Monday

We have about 3-4 inches of snow and probably will get one more. It doesn't usually snow in March in Baltimore. Mom really didn't we'd get a real snowfall this winter- and well we didn't, but we got one in the spring!