Saturday, September 13, 2008

Complete Silly Picture Contest Rules

Every other Friday, we will have a Funny Picture Friday in memory of our OWCB, Texas. Submit us your funny photos of yourself to catsinmd at gmail dot com. You can submit photos at ANY TIME, but they will only be judged every other Friday. The contest is open to effurybudy, but in the event of a tie, since this is a cat blog, photos of cats take preference. Also, please only use photo editing software for things like red eye.

Also, every other Friday, we will have a Cattion Contest. On Fridays when there is no Funny Picture contest, our Beans will post a picture of us on this bloggy, and you will have until Sunday at 9pm EST to submit a cattion for that post in comments!

If you have questions about either contest, please email us at catsinmd at gmail dot com.

1 comment:

Karyne said...

How can I send you pictures of my 3 cats????

thanks! Karyne

PS I'm French, please use simple British English!