Monday, December 19, 2011

The Intruder

As most of you guys know, Mom and Dad have a roommate named Mr. D. Well, Mr. D got a woofie named Ben in February. Ben stays in Mr. D's room a lot of the time because he likes being with Mr. D best, and Dad doesn't really like woofies anyway. But Mom loves woofies, especially Ben, and so sometimes the three of us are all out together. We don't really get along..we don't exactly fight but we are all nervous around each other. Ben has never hurt a kitty and has lived with kitties before, but because none of us are happy together, we sort of "take turns" when we are in the living room usually, and are only together when we can be supervised closely and only on rare occasions. Here are some pictors of him.


Sparkle said...

We have a dog here - she's been here longer than me - and supposedly she LOVES kitties! She and my roommate Binga are best buddies. But I don't care, I still don't like her. So I am with you kitties.

The Island Cats said...

Oh no! Not a woofie introoder!! He does have a friendly face, though. WE hope you all can become furiends.