Thursday, March 12, 2009

5th photo Meme

Well, we've seen the fifth photo Meme going around and wanted to play.
The fifth folder on Mom's compooter-GASP-does not include any photos of us!
This folder is labeled CHICAGO 2008 and does not have any pictures directly in it at all!
But it has lots of folders in it, and the fifth folder is labeled Natural History Museum.
The fifth picture in that folder is very scary looking!

Mom says she thinks that thing is called a BISON and that it is not alive anymore.

Mom didn't get to post a lot of her Chicago pictures because Texas got very ill shortly after they got back from Chicago, so we said she could post four more of her pictures. (So now it is a FIVE photo meme instead of FIFTH).
From the first Chicago subfolder, labeled Brookfield Zoo:

Mom says that is a Very Blue Bird, but not a bluebird!

From the next folder, labeled Family.

That is Grandmom's (Mom's Mom)two best friends since elementary school, and then Daddy. The lady in the middle is Mom's Godmother. The reason Mom and Dad went to Chicago last summer was so Mom could meet a lot of her extended family. Mom was born near Chicago but moved away when she was a baby. Grandmom is a little sickly, so sadly she could not make the trip to Chicago (she is not dying or anything, but her legs and shoulders don't work well and she takes lots of medicines and stuff). Mom also met her half-brother in Chicago seeing him for the first time in person, but he doesn't like his picture taken much so we won't post the picture of them here.

Next folder is Misc. Mom says this stands for "random junk".

That is a picture of downtown Chicago, near the Shedd Aquarium. Do you see our Daddy in the middle of all the people?

Mom has about 10 folders in the Chicago folder, but she wants to show one more from the misc folder. This is a picture of the fish statue near the Shedd Aquarium. Mom really liked the statue.

Well, we hope you enjoyed all the photos!


The Creek Cats said...

We certainly enjoyed your photos! We love how you guys are rebels and bent the rules to include 5 pictures..... very clever!

us four gatos said...

wait a minute folks, there was no pictures of kitties!!!!! argh, the humiliation.

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Our #1 really enjoyed seeing the pics of Chicago since she lived there for 3 years!

The Island Cats said...

That was fun! We liked that fish statue too!!

michico*Adan said...

These are very fine nice photos~!
Thanks for sharing!