Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mom feels a little better today...

She hasn't had time to be sad last night and today because I've been racing around the house non stop!!! I've been getting into all kinds of trouble. I keep trying to eat cords (this gets me real stern talking-tos) and I climbed up a bookcase and knocked some stuff over! Oh, and then I started happy-pawing daddy's keyboard! He wasn't using it, so I don't know why he picked me up and moved me!

I ate a ton of food yesterday too! My activity level and eating amounts weren't that bad to begin with, but man, I really picked up the pace yesterday! Plus, I sneezed a little less, and my congestion was seeming better most of the day. My nose also isn't runny anymore.

And then more good news, Cloud is all better! But since the V-E-T says I can't have any visitors yet, not even my sisfur, the shelter lady is going to take Cloud for her ladygardenectomy instead of having my mom take her. So Cloud should be here next week.



Brownie said...

What some great news! We're still witing your pictures :)

Sen and Tom said...

You just enjoy every minute, Niko! And Cloud will be there with you soon. Think of all the trouble the two of you will get into together! Yea!


PB 'n J said...

We're glad to hear your Mom is feeling better New kitties help, but missing the ones that went before never really goes away (even three years later Mommy still cries every now and then). Just keep keeping her busy Niko!

We're excited about Cloud's news - hopefully it won't be long now and you guys will be back together!

Sweet Praline said...

Looks like you are introducing mom and dad to what it feels like to have a kitten in the house! I hope Cloud is able to join you soon!