Monday, September 15, 2008

Back from the V-E-T

Well, I have a cold, so I got put on antibiotic. I'm really well-behaved about taking it.

They are gonna test my poop tonight to make sure I don't have worms and that the coccidia is gone and mom has to call the vet tomorrow to give an update on my progress.

Although the v-e-t doesn't think I'm like dying or anything, he says I have/had too many things going on right now for Cloud to come home. Cloud needs to stay at the shelter until both her and I are much healthier so that we don't just reinfect each other over and over again.

This is a little sad, but I have good news too. MOM BOUGHT ME A NEW TOY!!

It's a giant mousie. Pictures soon.


PB 'n J said...

Welcome little Niko!!! We're so very pleased to meet you!

I was very sick when I came home from the shelter too (a cold, cocidia worms and another parcite I can't remember the name of!). You'll be over everything in a snap now that you've got your forever family and v-e-t!

We can hardly wait to meet Cloud too!

Purrs and Hugs to you and your Beans,
Pearl (and Bert and Jake too)

Sen and Tom said...

Hi Niko! Great to meet you. You look really cute and cuddly!

I was sick when I was little and it took quite a while for me to get better, but the best thing was that I was with someone who really loves me! I hope that Cloud can come home very soon too!


meowers from missouri said...

hello again, cutie pie--the vettie is right, you must bofe be all better before you can cuddle up again. we knows you won't furgit yer sisfur in that little while.

it looks like you had fun playin' wif that toy--an' knowin' yer momperson, there's LOTS more where that came from!

The Island Cats said...

Hey, Niko...we don't know why but these v.e.t.s like to test poop! We think it's pretty weird too!

Glad to hear you are doing okay 'cept for the cold you got.

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We sure wish you and Cloud would get better so you could both be in your new home. Your mom will take good care of you!

You stopped by earlier. We have news.