Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

First, some news. We will be having our first Funny Picture Friday contest tomorrow. Please read the information in our sidebar and email us your pictures to catsinmd at gmail dot com with pictures and any questions.
Also, we will be hosting weekend cat blogging this weekend. We did not really know what this was, and Texas had told mom he didn't know either. All you has to do is post a comment in the weekend cat blogging post (which will be on our blog this weekend) with what is going on at your blog for that weekend.
Last thing before the Thursday Thirteen...Why does Cloud have more votes for a middle name than I do??
Sir Grumpiffis Nikois
THURSDAY THIRTEEN: 13 things about October
1. Dad's second favorite day of the year is October 1st.
2. Dad's first favorite day of the year is October 31st.
3. Some friends of Mommy and Daddy are getting married this October (Texas' Mommy C and his almost-dad)
4. Dad likes October 1st because that's when Mommy lets him put up Howloween decorations
5. Dad likes October 31st because that's Howloween
6. One of our grandpabean's birthdays is on Howloween.
7. We will be 4 months old this October.
8. Trees turn strange colors and shed their leaf-furs everywhere in October. We haven't seen this before in our lives. Is it scary?
9. Our beans are planning on trying to dress us up for Holloween.(Dadbean:Your Mom is planning on trying to dress you two up!)
10. Mom and Dad so their own cost yuums that they wear when they give out treats in October. What's so-ing? What's a cost yuum?
11. They give out treats in October. (Wait, just to children?!?!?! But we are children- we are kittens!!)
12. We got graphics from Ann at Zoolatry for Holloween. We will show you them when it gets closer to Holloween.
13. Dad turns the house very scary for Holloween. We already have seen evidence of this. He was scaring us with a spider yesterday. We will show photographic evidence of this later.
-Niko and Cloud


Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Niko and Cloud, October is a very busy month for you and your beans! Thank you for the awardie, now we just have to get Momma to post it!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

Sen and Tom said...

Don't be grumpy, Niko! Cloud probably got more votes because there was one such perfect choice for her. It was much harder to make a choice for you but we did!

Sen-Chan (3-pawed today...) and Tom

Eric and Flynn said...

Sounds like there is a lot of fun at your house in October.

The Island Cats said...

We can't wait to see pics of your scarey house! We hope it's not too scarey!

We like October too 'cuz our mom's birthday is in October (even though she doesn't like celebrating it much anymore!)

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Dana G said...

Sorry, had to pull the post real quick and make some edits. It is up now. She has only 4 more days!! We do have a feliway diffuser in the room with her, but she is just so frustrated with the crate!

Sweet Praline said...

Niko and Cloud - normally Mom would let me send a post for the contest, but she is still doing her "homework" and she is going out of town this weekend! I will participate later.

goldenshade said...

I think some beans like Halloween over there. I wonder what they'll be? I wonder what you guys will be????

Better take lots of pics!

Purrs Goldie

Jen said...

Can't wait to see pics of the kitties in Halloween costumes. Despite our better judgment, we've got quite a collection of kitty Halloween costumes. We humans seem to get much more enjoyment out of playing Halloween dress up than the kitties do ;)