Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Urgent: When one word can save a life..

Mommy is borrowing our blog for a moment. We hope you understand, but cancer is a very important subject to her, after losing Texas last month.

Momma K: So, I just found this link where apparently, the father of the CEO of some company called Rocketboom, who is also a philantropist, is dying from Multiple Myeloma.
There is only one possible cure, a drug called Tysabri, which is not officially approved for treatment of Multiple Myeloma. The Mayo Clinic and several people have urged the CEO of the company that makes Tysabri to just say Yes to allowing this person to get the treatment, yet the CEO is saying no for some reason. The son has a blog post that tells you how specifically to help urge this CEO to please please allow this man to get the treatment.
UPDATE:Now that I've been home from work, I've had time to research this more. I am noticing all sorts of holes in the story. Many people have pointed out on the other blogs that it seems unsual that the CEO's approval would be needed. Others have mentioned that the dying person was supposedly a lawyer who sued drug companies his whole life. I am leaving this post up because I don't know for sure that this story ISN'T true. I do want to apologize to my readers for not verifying my facts on this before passing this along. I get quite irritated at people that pass on stupid chain emails warning of ridiculous dangers without researching the facts. I fear I may have done something similar today, but I simply did not want another person or animal, whether it turns out this guy is some crooked lawyer or a philantropist or something in between, to die of cancer. If this all turns out to have been some strange hoax, please accept my sincerest apologies.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Good for you! It's always a good idea to let your human borrow your blog for an important post on occasion. And this is important! We hope the CEO relents in time and the man at least has a chance to try the drug that might possibly help him.

We're purring and wagging our tails like crazy for him.

Alasandra said...

We are purring that they will let the man have the drug and that it will cure him. You were very good to let the humans borrow your blog to post about this. ~S,S & C

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

I can't imagine how anyone could rob someone at what might be his only chance of survival!

Mickey said...

That is a good post your Mom has. Too bad beans make things so difficult. I will send some purrs and hope they help.
Purrs Mickey

Sweet Praline said...

I hope they are able to get something that will help this poor family. My mom doesn't understand the problem, because doctors prescribe medicines all the time for other uses. Hmmmmm.

P.S. Thanks for your concerns about me today. I have been a finicky eater my whole life and if I don't like the smell of my food or the look of the dish, I won't touch the stinky goodness. I am eating my dry food thought. I think I just miss my mom.