Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Furrrst Snow!

Cloud: Weatherpeople, I am so very sapointed in you. Niko, why am I sapointed again?
Niko:Cuz the wevver four cast has sed "30% chance of a passing flurry"- even now it still says it- all morning long!
Cloud:Well, what's wrong wif that? Isn't this a "passing flurry"?

PEE ESS: Mom wants to know why the people at the Wevver Channel don't just have someone locally look out the window? She says she understands problems forecasting, but once it's happening and has been for HOURS, shouldn't they make some updates? (And yes this is all new snow- we haven't had any accumulating snow before this, all winter)

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Derby said...

Silly wevver beans. Open the window and look outside!