Thursday, July 30, 2009

Niko Report

Niko here with this week's Niko Report. Cloud peed on the floor again yesserday, so today Cloud is going to see a noo vet. Mom says she thinks our usual vet just wants to sell us expensive food and not actually help Cloud.
Mom: Ahem, Niko, I didn't put it quite like that. I think they want to help her, but I'm not sure the specific brand they recommend is all that great, and we've been there twice already and Cloud is still not all better. Plus this new vet says they carry several different manufacturers of food and recommend the company and type that they think is best for each kitty.
Niko: Meow-blah, Meow-blah, Meow-blah. Anyways, Mom will be stuffing Cloud into the PTU and then picking up Dad from work and then taking Cloud to the noo V-E-T today. This V-E-T is the same V-E-T that boreded our big brother Texas last summer, and Mom says we might have to stay at their kitty hotel this year- she is still figuring out what she will do with us while they go to the beach this summer.
Cloud:Hey, what's this about a PTU?! And why aren't you just taking us with you to the beach!
Niko: Mom says it's a ten hour car ride each way and that the beach sits next to a GIANT bathtub with no walls!
Cloud: Oh. We'll stay here then, thanks.
Niko:But that's not til September. You just have to go for a quick visit to the V-E-T today.
Cloud: Oh. I guess that's OK then. Why are they driving ten hours to go to the beach anyway. The beach is only 2-3 hours away.
Niko: Mom wants to go to a beach with palm trees.
Cloud: Mom's wierd.
Niko: No comment. Ok everycat, that's it for the Niko report today. See everyone soon!


The Meezers said...

great report Niko!

and Cloud - we is purring that you get all better

Kitty said...

Hello! Hmmm, how long has Cloud been weeing on your floors? If it has been for quite a while, Cloud may be trying to tell you that he might have a problem - as in a urinary infection? This would be the only way to express it to Mummy and Daddy. Just a suggestion, although you've probably already asked your vet about this. Purrs to Cloud. Kitty x

Eric and Flynn said...

We hope the new vet gets the pee problem sorted.

Reese =^..^= said...

You are definitely an Ace reporter, Niko!

The Island Cats said...

Thanks for the report, Niko! We're sorry Cloud is still peeing where she's not supposed to...we hope she gets better!