Thursday, July 30, 2009

Looong Cloudy V-E-T Update

Well, I'm back from the noo V-E-T. I like them. They are much more thorough than my old V-E-T, and guess what? They DON'T SHOVE THINGS UP YOUR BUTT! They only stick things in your ear to take your temperature! Yay!!
So, since I peed on the floor again, I had to get lots of tests this time since the foods is apparently not working. Plus the beans say I am still stressed about something.
The noo v-e-t felt my kidneys, and said my right kidney felt slightly bigger than my left one. When the V-E-T said this, Mom got TERRIFIED. (Texas had lymphoma that went into his kidneys). But the V-E-T said it was more likely an infection or a stone if anything, and she said it felt only a teeny bit bigger. She did an X-ray to see if it really was bigger, and also to check for stones.
She said that my right kidney is indeed a little bigger, but only by the tiniest amount. The enlargement is small enough that it might not mean anything at all. She said she saw no stones, but that I was full of feces so it made it hard for her to see all of my kidneys. (When we got to the car Dad said I was full of sh*t. Mean Dad!!)
So, the V-E-T also stole my bloods and my pee. She is doing a SENIOR panel on me (I'm barely an adult!! But it's because it covers a lot of things that can be seen with urinary/kidney problems, not cuz they think I'm old!) and doing a more thorough pee check than the first V-E-T did (they said they were two types- Mom is confuzed on the deetales, but anyways, it's "more thorough").
So for now we will await the results of the pee and blood tests, which should be in on Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully all I have is more crystals and the V-E-T can find a way to fix it.
Until the results come back though, Mom is going to be a worrywart, so if you could please send me some purrs that would be great.

Niko Report

Niko here with this week's Niko Report. Cloud peed on the floor again yesserday, so today Cloud is going to see a noo vet. Mom says she thinks our usual vet just wants to sell us expensive food and not actually help Cloud.
Mom: Ahem, Niko, I didn't put it quite like that. I think they want to help her, but I'm not sure the specific brand they recommend is all that great, and we've been there twice already and Cloud is still not all better. Plus this new vet says they carry several different manufacturers of food and recommend the company and type that they think is best for each kitty.
Niko: Meow-blah, Meow-blah, Meow-blah. Anyways, Mom will be stuffing Cloud into the PTU and then picking up Dad from work and then taking Cloud to the noo V-E-T today. This V-E-T is the same V-E-T that boreded our big brother Texas last summer, and Mom says we might have to stay at their kitty hotel this year- she is still figuring out what she will do with us while they go to the beach this summer.
Cloud:Hey, what's this about a PTU?! And why aren't you just taking us with you to the beach!
Niko: Mom says it's a ten hour car ride each way and that the beach sits next to a GIANT bathtub with no walls!
Cloud: Oh. We'll stay here then, thanks.
Niko:But that's not til September. You just have to go for a quick visit to the V-E-T today.
Cloud: Oh. I guess that's OK then. Why are they driving ten hours to go to the beach anyway. The beach is only 2-3 hours away.
Niko: Mom wants to go to a beach with palm trees.
Cloud: Mom's wierd.
Niko: No comment. Ok everycat, that's it for the Niko report today. See everyone soon!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fractious Somecat Friday

We do not know who did this. We swear, we don't know. The mouse asploded by itself.
Can you tell which cat was caught with the evidence?


How about now?
If you want to know, check the comments. Praline is right. Mom got the darn dates mixed up on the autopost again.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No. You May Not Cross.

We've had some comment spam from a company called DirectStarTV. Mom says they seem to be a legitimate company with some rogue agents. She has sent them a nasty letter with the referal IDs that were in the links. Anyway, so Mom is going to turn up the comment security quite a bit, and then after a while, we'll get rid of some, but not all, of the annoying restrictions. Thanks for your patience!
UPDATE: DirectStarTV wrote her back and said that it was apparently some affiliate company of theirs doing bad things and they got rid of them today!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cloudy Confessional Tuesday

Cloud: Well, I guess it's not really a confession, because I didn't do anything wrong---
Niko: You are allowed to chew on the blind cord now?
Cloud: Yes Iam -
Mom: (raises eyebrows)
Cloud: NOW ANYWAY, my secret, is that---
There is no photographic evidence of this, because Mom isn't going to put a banana next to me and scare me just for a pictor. Good Mom. But Mom eats bananas for breakfast a lot, and the other day I came up to her and said "pet me" and she said "I'm eating" and I said "I don't care- PET ME" and she petted me and put a smidge of banana on her finger and offered it to me. And I HISSED and ran away!! The next day I came up to Mom again when she was eatin a banana and she accidentally dropped the peel when she went to pet me and I hissed at it and ran away again. Mom says I am very wierd, and am apparently the opposite of Pixie (Daisy's late sisfur).
Niko:Continuing the foods report, I gotted TURKEY. Cloud does not like to eat real turkey, only turkey cans, but I do! Mom went to grab 2 of her favorite TV dinner, and there was a turkey one behind the first one, and she didn't realize. Well, Mom doesn't like turkey so she gave me some and I eated it all up. Nom Nom Nom.

Monday, July 20, 2009

ManCat Monday

Dad takes better pictures of me cuz he has a fancypants camera and he is a better flashybox user than Mom.
But Mom is the one that helps us blog.
Oh, and Cloud has a confession to make tomorrow.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Easy Like Saturday and Sunday Morning

(Someone needs to tell Mom to actually look at a calendar when scheduling these things! She says working overnights really makes you have no clue what day it is)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fractious Cat Friday

We are thinking we will start the funny picture contests back up soon (read about them on the sidebar).

In the meantime, we present, Fractious Cloud.
No Dad, you may not leave the bed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Practice Shots

I've put my post up at Monty's Doin the Q blog, but here are the "out-takes".

We are still working on seeing if Cloud wants to enter too.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two-Cat Tuesday: QA testing

We got a new Turbo Scratcher for our purrfday, and it was very very impawtant that we extensively QA tested it.

It passes!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mancat Monday


It's hard work being a mancat!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Snuggle Sunday- Mom for hire Update

Here is a Snuggle Sunday Post to rival even the best Sei-Chan, Tama-Chan, and Tom snuggle!

Niko & Cloud: Mom, you iz so fired! We can not believe you've had the mancat monday pictor up half the day instead of this. BiteBiteBite
Mom: You bite me all day anyway, stop acting like this is anything new. Being a secretary is hard work, you know.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy Fourth Everyone!!!

We did a timeline post a while back, when we were wee 4 month olds, just to see how much we'd growed then. Well, let's update that post now that we iz ONE YEARS OLD.

Here is the earliest known photo of us. She found us on This is us at the rescue. Momma never met the black kitty next to us in this photo. We are like 5 weeks old in this picture.
Here we are at 11 weeks (Niko) and 12 weeks old (Cloud)- our first pictures at home!

Just a few weeks later, at 3 months old, just a few weeks after arriving in our furrever homes. This is one of mom's favorite pictors of us.

And here is us on Halloween, at about 4 months old!

Six months old:

Finally, at 11 months old! (We haven't let mom take any good pictures of us together for our purrfday yet.)

Friday, July 3, 2009


Thanks all for bisiting us on our purrfday. Wanna see what pressies we got?

Hmm..there WERE fishie flakes in this bowl. Wonder whichcat ate them?

OK, Mom, what's in here?

Let's QA test it.

Ooh, lots of toys!! But we can't play with these now- they are going in the catnip jar for later?!

Oh OK, as long as we can play with these now! Good!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Our Purrfday!

It's our FIRST Purrfday today, and we is having a party and you is all invited!!!!

Can you alls believe we is ADULT CATS now?! Ann from Zoolatry combined the picture above for us, and also did an oil-painting image of us from when we were itty bitty kittens.

She also did the new banner up top, which most of you kitties voted on. (We actually put it up yesterday so we could check for any problems)
Well, let's have some salmon

and either a niptini for us adult cats

or milk for the kittenz.

And let's enjoy the party. We will be opening our gifts tonight and posting pictures of that and some of our old kitten pictures this week in celebration.
Purrs all!! Thanks for bisiting us on our purrfday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

V-E-T Update and What's in the Bags?

V-E-T Update by Cloud:
My crystals are back, or are still there, whichever. I had less crystals then last time, and my pee's PH was closer to normal, but still slightly elevated (6.8). And I also had a 103.2 fever, but no signs of infection in my pee. So I was given a purrscription gushy food (I don't know if I like it yet, but Niko loves it!)and orders to drink more and come back in a week so they can steal my pee again.

On to more fun news.
Mom, what's in the bags? Is it for our purrfdays tomorrow?

Mom says we'll find out tomorrow!!


Cloud: I have to go to the V-E-T now because I peed all over the basement again. Mom thinks my crystals are back. We'll update when I get home.
We also hope to have a special post up tomorrow, because tomorrow is our First Purrthday! We hope you'll come bisit us!!