Saturday, November 15, 2008

8 random things meme

We got tagged for the 8 random things meme by Abby.

Niko is going first:
1. I now weigh 5 pounds!
2. I have a mild neurological issue, and so I run slightly funny. I really do sound like a little galloping pony as I run through the house.
3. My favorite toy is the big tail that we got from ThoughtsfurPaws.
4. I prefer to be petted on my belly rather than my chin or head.
5. My favorite foods are turkey and sammin.
6. The thing I do most often to get in trubble is attack the broom and get straw everywhere.
7. My favorite spot to hide is Mom's work bag.
8. The wierdest thing about me is that I absolutely LOVE to eat Pumpkin.

And now, time for me, Miz Cloud!

1. I now weigh 4.5 pounds!
2. I have the cutest little "purr-rurr??" sound that I make as a greeting. Mom says it sounds like I'm asking a question.
3. I like to check my messages on the answering machine.
4. I prefer to be petted on my chin or ears.
5. My favorite food is beef.
6. The thing I do most often to get in trubble is knock over books on the top shelve of bookcases.
7. My favorite spot to hide is our Dr. Pepper box.
8. My favorite toy is our catnip mice. I carry them around like real mice and growl to protect my catch even if Niko and the beans aren't close by.

Who can we tag?
Parker and the gang
Timmy and Castle
The Forty Paws Gang, especially Dorf!
Chance and Little Imp
Wally, Ernie, and Zoey
We didn't have time to do a thorough check to see who has been tagged before, and this is actually set to auto-post, so if you've done it already, sowwy!


Jimmy Joe said...

You guys are a good fit--you each have your own scritchy spots and your own favorite dinners!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

The Island Cats said...

Those are some interesting things about you two...Niko, eating pumpkin can be good for won't get clogged up if you know what we mean...;-)

Thanks for tagging us! We're gonna try to do this next week!

Eric and Flynn said...

Those are interesting things to learn about you. We have never eaten pumpkin but we probably wouldn't like it. We love Salmon though. Mum cooks it in the microwave for us.

Parker said...

We're gonna' ask our sister powder to do this on Tuesday! I am glad that Niko is feeling better!
Have a great Sunday!