Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy:

We demand to know who all these people are. Those strangers are still here. There is a guy who looks like a much older version of daddy. There are people that look like the strange lady that came over Friday night. And then there's a nice lady who looks a little like Daddy, only a lot-oops- a LITTLE- older than Daddy. SHE says to call her "Gram Maw".
Hmm...all these peeples. And that strange Uncle Fwank is here too. And your roommate who usually hides in his room is out here wif everyone else.

And everyone is all eating TURKEY- except for you Mom, cuz you're a vegetable tarian.
This is all very confusing to us. We think this seems like what we've heard Fanksgiving is supposed to look like. Are you all sellebrating Fanksgiving a few days late because that's when Daddy's family could come vizit? Is that wat is going on?

So you say these people are Daddy's family, Daddy's sisfur-in-law's family, and Uncle Fwank?

It's our furrst Fanksgiving Cellebration! This is cool! TURKEY TURKEY TURKEY TURKEY!

Niko and Cloud
P.S. We've heard that everyone is going to visit MomBean's Mom in a few hours and we are getting abandoned! If you abandon us, we will trash the house. We love you. We are Very Good Kittens.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stranger Alert! Stranger Alert!

CLOUD: Hmmm..several wierd updates to report.
Yesterday evening while the beans were attacking pins at the alley of bowls, two strangers entered the house. One of them looked a lot like our Daddy, except he has blonde hair. And the lady did not look anything like our beans, but seemed to like this strange guy a lot, and both of them were very nice to us. When Mom and Dad came home, they looked very happy to see the strangers, and they all hugged each other and talked and stuff. The strangers slept here last night and are still here.

NIKO: The strangers keep talking to our Beans about food. They all went to the store last night and bought lots of food. And they keep talking about "when the others arrive on Sunday".

CLOUD AND NIKO:Does anycat know what's going on? Do you all think it's a coincidence that we seemed to be one of the few famblies that did not eat turkey on Thursday, yet the beans recently bought a giant turkey and put it in the fridge?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Kitty Asthma Question

Cloud: Hey effuryone!

The silly picture contest was postponed one more week, Mom's still furry busy but things should be settling down soon.

Mom has a question. I've been breathing kinda loud lately. I don't sound congested when I purr, or even congested when I breathe, it just sounds a bit loud with sometimes a very very faint wheeze to it. I don't do it all the time, and I'd otherwise been seeming normal except for a very occasional sneeze (the vets say as long as they aren't more than 2 or 3 times a day it's probably just herpes and I'll grow out of it eventually) until yesterday. Yesterday I was a bit sleepy- not enough for mom to say something was definitely wrong or anything, but a tiny bit sleepier than normal. Problem is, with all the problems she's been through with Texas and now Niko, Mom has turned into a bit of a kitty hypochrondriac. She made an appointment for both of us to be seen on Monday- Niko needs his last distemper shot and recheck of his UTI/ pooper problems anyway, but Mom is still scared. Does anything think this could be kitty asthma (she's only heard me cough once, and that was several days ago)?

Niko: Poor Mom, always worrying about us. I've been doing well- Cloud isn't supposed to be sick now! Mom doesn't think whatever Cloud has is a cold, or at least ONLY a cold. Cloud was sneezing alot back when I was, so with the vet's permission she gave Cloud antibiotic too and we both stopped sneezing for the most part. But the wheezing started about 2 weeks ago, right as we were on our last doses of the antibiotic. It wasn't so loud back then (even now though you still have to hold Cloud pretty close to hear it) and Dad's been insisting this whole time it was just normal cat breathing, so that's why Mom waited so long- but Mom is finally convinced this just isn't normal cat breathing.

Any kitties have any advice? Yoo can email us at catsinmd at gmail dot com if that's easier then commentin'. Fanks!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Effuryone!

Hmm..Seems that MommaBean is acshully lerning something in her Photoshop class at school. We suppose we will let her go back to studying if she keeps doing stuff like this for us...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good News!

Sorry we hasn't been around much, only anuffer week or two until classes are done for this semester.
But we wantid to share some good news Momma got yesterday. Momma has been saying bad words for a while now when she goes up and down stairs and gets up from a chair. Well, she went to the Bean V-E-T yesterday who specializes in "ortho peas", and he took some picshurs of her hind legs. Turns out BOTH of MommaBeans knees aren't lined up the way they should be. (He says they's probably always been a little misaligned, and as she gets older, it slowly gets worse) And because one of her knees tried to "fix" itself, it made extra bone, called a bone spur. The bone spur is probably what's hurting Momma, but if Momma can get her knees aligned better, the bone spur probably will stop hurting Momma and she won't get any new ones. So she starts something called P-T next week. Her paper from the Bean V-E-T says that P-T means physical therapy, but Mom says when she had P-T on her front paw a few years ago it was more like "Pain and Torture". She says Pain and Torture is worf it though if it makes her stop saying bad words when going up stairs.

Christmas Cards!!

If you would like to exchange Chrissymouse cards wif us, please send us an email at catsinmd at gmail dot com. Note that Mommy is a member of the Beans Abandoning Cats -AHEM- we mean Cat Blogger Beans Social Club- so if you is in that list we already got yous infurrmation!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging Here (And Baby Pictures!!)-2nd update

Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging everyone! Sorry for the slow updates this weekend, MommaBean has a Really Bad Annoying Cold.
Just an FYI- The Cattion Contest this week was cancelled due to Momma having so much homework; check back in two weeks for that!
We are going to start off WCB with our first baby picture.
This is the picture she saw when she found us on This is us at the rescue. Momma never met the black kitty next to us in this photo. We are like 5 weeks old in this picture.
There is a little "Then and Now" of us here (we moved it so as not to hog the WCB post here).

FIRST UPDATE: Ollie wants to sing for us, Puddy got to try Temptations for the first time, and there are some new temporary houseguests at The Cat Realm.
Keep putting WBC links in the comments!
Kashim & Othello are getting fed up with snow. Patchouli learned it is much harder to come down from a tree than it is to go up one. Go see what Willow wishes for...or maybe, doesn't. Phoebe doesn't seem as mad about the snow as Kashim & Othello, as long as she can be cozy indoors. Next up, we have some photos and video of Luna, who is still in exile. Parker & Co. are missing their deck, and we have a Weekly Roundup at Tristan's place. Last for this update, we have some beautiful kitty photos at Rosa's.
Sorry for the short descriptions, we had to put the bitey on sneezy Momma to do this much!
At First Draft, we have some wonderful photos of NOMS cuddling. Hendrix had a very exciting weekend, and at the House of Chaos, we have the story of one gorgeous ginger tomkitty, as best as can be discerned.
Mom took some sleepy cold medicine and was asleep when this last one came in, but she's helping us post it now. Samantha & Mr Tigger are very thankful this week!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fractious Fierce Fighter Day

Today is Fierce Fighter Day. For now, scroll down or click here to see the baby pictures of us and the WCB post, tomorrow the baby picture/WCB post will be bumped to the top.

Today is a day of remembering those who came before. Texas was Mom and Dad's first cat together (Momma had never had a cat before, and Daddy had had lots of outdoor cats but no indoor ones). Texas was definitely a fierce fighter. He ended up in his Momma C's garage as about 1 year old, he just wandered in one day, skinny and alone. Momma C took really really good care of him, and made him a fat little kitty. About 2 years later, in October 2006, Momma C had to move and she couldn't take Texas with her. So she put an ad on the posting board at work, and our Mommy got Texie. AND our Mommy and Daddy became good friends with his Momma C and Almost-Dad! How cool is that?!

Unfortunately, Texas got lymphoma in March of 2008. He was very very fierce. He didn't like the treatments, and would bite and hiss at the nice people at the Oncologist's office, and they would tell Mommy he was very fractious! He fought very very hard though and went into remission for a while, but the cancer came back in September of this year, and he was unable to walk well. He was helped over the bridge September 3, 2008. We never met him alive, but his spirit is in our Beans so much that we can feel him some times! Texas, we want to turn into big strong fierce kitties just like you! Mom and Dad love you very much and miss you!

Lastly, we want to take a moment to remember all the other kitties that have gone. There are unfortunately too many to list here, but you can see a list here. We want to especially remember Storm, however. Her Meowmie was a member of the Feline Lymphoma Support Group, and Storm had just came out of remission around the time Texas was beginning treatment. Mom and Texas read Storm's blog every day and purred and prayed for her. She passed away in June, and our MomBean is still quite sad about that. Texas got to meet her though when he went to the bridge, and he told our MomBean she is a very very nice kitty indeed! Please stop by her brother Castle's blog today and send him a purr of rememberance if you are so inclined.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby Picture Timeline

We are making this a seperate post because we didn't want to hog the WCB post.

Mom's a little short on new pictures of us right now (BECAUSE SHE KEEPS DOING HOMEWORK! BAD MOMMA! PLAY WITH US!) so she wanted to show you our first picture. She found us on This is us at the rescue. Momma never met the black kitty next to us in this photo. We are like 5 weeks old in this picture.
Here we are at 11 weeks (Niko) and 12 weeks old (Cloud)- our first pictures at home!

And here is us on Halloween, at about 4 months old!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We interrupt this blogging hiatus to show you..

A cat driving a Roomba. (Give it a moment to load, or click the link below the video image if it doesn't load)


Sorry, this was just totally MOL material! OK, time for us to put the bitey on Mommy and get her back to doing homework.

Monday, November 17, 2008

We'll Be Right Back..

We are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend. We will be back in time for that, but for now, we have to take a few days off blogging cuz Mom just has to finally catch up on all this stupid homework for her night school!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Purr for Moki

Moki despurrately needs tons of prayers, he is furry furry sick. Please go visit his bloggy and send him and his mommy some suppurt.

Niko Update and Funny Picture Friday Update

Scroll down to see our meme, if you haven't seen that post yet.

We had low purrticipation this week, so the pictures received will be held for the contest in two weeks and judged with the new pictures that come in then.

As for me, Niko, I am doing better. I am definitely NOT constipated anymore, I pooped alot for a few days and now I poop normally :) Mom said no more Pumpkin for a few days. But pumpkin is my favorite foods!! No fair! And she called me "Stinky-Butt"!! One thing though, Mom is furry thankful to Hendrix. See, last week, he posted a rule called "Daddys deal with Dingleberries". So Mom showed the rule to my Daddy, and then he said some bad words and wiped my butt. I'm not sure why Mom's thankful about this, but she said to say thanks to Hendrix and his Mommy.

As for my UTI, we think that is getting better too. I won't tell Mom for sure, but I seem to be peeing a little more when I go, and everytime she has seen me in the box, I actually went, and have not meowed at her from the box again.

Thanks everybody for the well wishes!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

8 random things meme

We got tagged for the 8 random things meme by Abby.

Niko is going first:
1. I now weigh 5 pounds!
2. I have a mild neurological issue, and so I run slightly funny. I really do sound like a little galloping pony as I run through the house.
3. My favorite toy is the big tail that we got from ThoughtsfurPaws.
4. I prefer to be petted on my belly rather than my chin or head.
5. My favorite foods are turkey and sammin.
6. The thing I do most often to get in trubble is attack the broom and get straw everywhere.
7. My favorite spot to hide is Mom's work bag.
8. The wierdest thing about me is that I absolutely LOVE to eat Pumpkin.

And now, time for me, Miz Cloud!

1. I now weigh 4.5 pounds!
2. I have the cutest little "purr-rurr??" sound that I make as a greeting. Mom says it sounds like I'm asking a question.
3. I like to check my messages on the answering machine.
4. I prefer to be petted on my chin or ears.
5. My favorite food is beef.
6. The thing I do most often to get in trubble is knock over books on the top shelve of bookcases.
7. My favorite spot to hide is our Dr. Pepper box.
8. My favorite toy is our catnip mice. I carry them around like real mice and growl to protect my catch even if Niko and the beans aren't close by.

Who can we tag?
Parker and the gang
Timmy and Castle
The Forty Paws Gang, especially Dorf!
Chance and Little Imp
Wally, Ernie, and Zoey
We didn't have time to do a thorough check to see who has been tagged before, and this is actually set to auto-post, so if you've done it already, sowwy!

Happy Purrthday GrammaBean!

MomBean's Mom is 834214 squillion years old today!
Oops, we meant 61!

Happy Purrthday Grammabean!

Niko and Cloud

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Funny Picture Friday!

Time for another funny picture Friday!
Submit your picshurs to catsinmd at gmail dot com by 9pm est tonight!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Award!

We received a new award from ThoughtsforPaws.

We think most kitties already have this award, so anyone who doesn't have it can have it.

We also got tagged for a meme by Abby and will complete that shortly.

Cattion Contest Winner

The winner of the Cattion Contest is....
Whicky Whuddler and fambly!

Goodbye URI, Hello UTI! No fun AT ALL.

Mombean:Poor Neekers. I noticed yesterday he would go in the litter box and either pee only a drop or not go at all, and he would be in there for a while, and sometimes meow.
So off we went to the V-E-T at 7:45 at night.
Cloud:They stoled my brother at night! And they didn't come home until late at night! And when they did, he was all blowed up full of water like a balloon! And they let us play for a few minutes and then sepurrated us all night again! No fair!!
Niko:You just won't believe the rough night I had. It hurt like heck to pee but I had to so I kept trying. And then Mom got worried about me, so I got put in the PTU. And then the nice Vettie lady gave me flooids, stole my bloods, and said I was full of poop and gave me an enema too!! And then she STABBED me with Auntie Biotic! What a NIGHT! Then she went out and talked to my Beans, and here is what she said:
Mombean:The ER doctor (who happened to be the same one who helped us say goodbye to Texie) was very very nice. She said the antibiotic for Niko's cold seems to have caused quite a bit of constipation (they actually noticed some of it Monday)and on top of that he has actually a pretty bad UTI. It is NOT in his kidneys though. So he got a shot of long lasting antibiotic, and a bunch of fluids. And an enema. Well, he pooped there, and then he pooped the instant he could get to the litter box back at home, and then he pooped again 20 minutes later, and again this morning....yeah you get the idea! Quite stinky too :) Seems to be peeing a tiny bit better too. Poor guy though. We are quite tired too, didn't get home from the vet's until 11.
One bit of good news though, he is now officially off both cold antibiotics, and the UTI antibiotic was just the one shot, so NO MORE medicines for Niko except the lysine they both get! I'm sure he's happy about that, and we are too!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

V-E-T Update

Niko:Mom took me back to the V-E-T last night to make sure my cold was gone. Well, I was given a clean bill of health! Byebye, cold! I also got my Ray Bee's shot, so I CAN GO OUTSIDE FURRY SOON!! YAY!
There was a bad thing though...Furry Furry Bad...
I peed in my I had to get a B-A-T-H!
Cloud:I had my furrst bath too. It was NO FUN.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our OTHER new toy...

Look what Mom brought home from the grocery store! She said it was for Daddy to drink, but we don't believe her...

Our New Toy!

As promised, here is a video of us playing with our new toy (the "tail" that we won in the ThoughtsFurPaws contest)!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cattion Contest!

Please submit suggested cattions in the comments for this post until Sunday at 9PM EST.
Today's picture is...some--(ahem, Cloud)kitty decided to "nest" in the kidney bean box in the short time it took Daddy to put the kidney bean cans away!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

We iz...oops, no, MOM IZ thankful for the suggestions about getting us to eat the "helfy food". She got us to eat a lil bit by mixing it with the "junky food".

Cloud: I iz thankful that I got my new harness and can go outside now. My harness is pretty!

Niko is a bit jealous, but one day soon he'll be well enough for a rabiez shot and then he can go outside too..

We iz BOTH thankful for string. We can play tug of war:

Lastly, we iz thankful that we won a contest at ThoughtsfurPaws. We came in fourth place. Momma told them our names, but they just put her name as the winner..oh well! We got a big toy that looks like a giant tail on a string. It came with a velcro set of fevvers too, but Mom and Dad say we can't play with fevver toys becuz it "sends the wrong message" since they have fevvers that they keep in a cage and feed and love. Mom will probably get some velcro and a stick or something and make a new toy for one of you cats and send it out, some day, since we can't play with the fevver portion. Mom will take pictures of us playing with the new toy soon!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

No Mom, no clue who dumped the sewing scraps bag all over the floor, nope, no clue....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Any Suggestions?

OK, I can't believe we have to write this on our blog...but Mom says we have to make a post on cat food.
See, Mom bought us two big pallets of the Science Diet canned food cuz the vet said that's what we should eat. Well, we used to eat it, but then Mom gave us some of Texas' remaining cans, and now we only want to eat those or junk food cans from the grocery store. Mom says if we don't want to eat them after these pallets are gone, that's OK, but she really wants us to eat these cans so they don't go to waste. She says they costed a lot of green papers.
Does anybody know of a way she can like mix some gravy or something into the Science Diet cans so we'll eat them? If not, I guess she wants to know the address of somekitty near central Maryland who wants these cans, since apparently we don't want to touch them anymore.
Mom is sort of frustrated with us....
Niko and Cloud

Monday, November 3, 2008

Funny Picture Friday Winners...Announced!

OKAY, finally, the winners!!! We will be updating this post and the prior winners post with links to all winners and contestants as soon as catly possible. We also will be emailing the winners with their badges soon.

First place: Snoopy

Second Place:
Mr. Hendrix

Third Place: Samantha & Mr Tigger

And here are the other contestants:


Ping, Jinx, and Gracie










November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

In addition to it being National Diabetes Month, Mom just found out that October is also Pet Cancer Awareness Month.
Well, most of our furriends knew Texas, so I'm sure you can imagine how to close to home this hit Mommy. Johann has more details at his bloggie including lots of links!

New Pet website

So we were reading Johann the Agility Dog's blog, and Johann mentions a new website called YouPet. From a brief check of the site and Johann's blog, this seems to be another Catster type thing. Mom was thinking of getting us a Catster page..has anykitty used Catster or YouPet and has a recommendation for us?

We won! We won!

Oh boy oh boy, we won a book! Oh wait, we can't read.
Oh, I know, we'll give it to our Momma Bean!
We won Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, over at The Pet Museum.
This is so cool!

We also got an award from Karen Jo.

We are supposed to pass this on to 7 kitties.
We pick:
Gandalf and Grayson
Parker,Puff,Powder, Rudy, and Diamond
Sen-Chan, Tom, and the cute princess Tama-Chan
Daisy& Harley

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Way to go, Mom!

Niko: Mombean has mentioned once or twice that she is doing the Weight Watchers program....well, after a little more than 3 months (and the last stupid month stuck at basically the same weight), she finally made her 10% goal!!(In other words, she lost 10% of what she weighed when she started)
She actually lost SEVEN pounds this week (she has no idea how, she thought at most she had lost 3...)and went way past her 10% goal, she has now lost exactly THIRTY pounds since she joined! She celebrated by dragging her best friend to the mall and they went clothes shopping.
Oh, and there was a Petsmart nearby, so Cloud received her harness today! I didn't get one yet because with my cold, I could not get my Ray B's shot, so I can't go out yet.
Pictures of harness training tomorrow....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Look What the Bloo Shorts Man Brought...

Cloud:Niko, what's in the envelope?

Niko:A nip-carrot, and it is all MINE!

We got stuff from Hendrix! He was our Swap N Tails partner! It came yesterday, and we got to play with the stuff for a bit. Then we got put in the sleeping room for most of the night so we didn't try to sneak out while the beans kept opening the door to give candy to tiny beans. This meant we weren't able to post our thank you to Hendrix until just now! Thanks Hendrix and Hendrix's Mommybean!

Also, you can see our new collars in these photos! Aren't they cute?! Be sure to biggify the last picture up here, it's a really funny shot of Cloud dive-bombing the toys!

Cattion Contest Winner

We totally forget about announcing a Cattion Contest here it is...
Check back tomorrow to see the Special Edition Funny Picture Friday winners and contestants...thanks for making a sad day happy for my beans.....
The Winner of this Cattion Contest are The Island Cats!