Friday, December 19, 2008

Funny Picture Friday is BACK!

Yes, we still have awards to give out and to announce, as well. We have to announce a winner for the cattion contest too.
But for now:
Effuryone send a funny picture to catsinmd at gmail dot com for the contest tonight!
Our funny picture will be appearing later tonight. You have until 9pm est to send us a picture.

Also, be sure to scroll down and see Cloud's funny video!


Cat with a garden said...

*Secret human communication*Mom here: Siena wants me to ask if you guys still have the pictures she has sent you. She says she sent two some time ago, but maybe she did something wrong? Those paws aren't meant for computing... ; ) We are glad Funny Picture Friday is back!

Eric and Flynn said...

Yayyy!!! We're glad it's funny picture time again.

Sweet Praline said...

Funny picture time again! We'll see if we can find anything.