Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey, Turkey, and The V-E-T

Wow, yesterday was fun. Lots of people, but they wuz all very nice, and a lot of them controlled the silver pen thing. The silver pen thing is cool because it puts this cool red dot called a "lay zer" all around the house for us to chase, and this makes us happy.

And then we got to eat LOTS of turkey. We found out Cloud doesn't like fresh turkey, but I sure do! I ate 2 whole tiny plate-fulls (the plate was full but not piled high or anything)all by myself!

Most of the strange beans went back home yesterday, but the first set of strangers from Friday night is still here. Mom says they are called our "Uncle" and "Anty". We dunno, but our Anty doesn't look anything like an Ant.

This morning we both went to the vet for our checkupss. I got my final baby shot today (Cloud wasn't sick before, so she's already done with all hers) and we both got checkups. The vet tech said she thought we both sounded a little congested, but the doctor said only I was congested. So Cloud is apparently OK, and I just have a teeny tiny cold again, so I got another shot of the antibiotic that I had when I had my UTI. They said I am not full of poop anymore, and they took a sample of my pee to check later just to be sure that is gone. So in other words, we are both two healthy kitties!


Parker said...

Yay for healthy kittens!

Cat with a garden said...

It is great that you two are on the "healthy road"! And so much turkey!!!
Purrs, Siena

Sweet Praline said...

Yea for healthy kitties!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for a great checkup!