Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kitty Water Fountain

We were quite dismayed that we lost the raffle for the Drinkwell Fountain to benefit Moki.
We obviously are still quite glad we got to help him, and happy for Artsy Catsy for winning.

But dag nabbit, we want one. And MOM wants one for us, so we might stop sneaking into the bathtub and drinking water out of glasses and trying to crawl into the sink, etc etc.

So, Mom knows a lot of you kitty bloggers have your own shops and affiliate programs and stuff. If you have a fountain for sale (We think we would like the Drinkwell, but if its a different one Mom will still look into it for us)or available through your affiliate linkies put a note in our comments or send us an email at catsinmd at gmail dot com and Mom will look at them and buy from the kitty with the best price. She does know she can get it at Amazon, but she wants to try and benefit a kitty in the process, if she can!


Dana said...

Yep, we lost the raffle too. We would love to have one as well. Then we might stop drinking from the sink!
~The Creek Cats~

The Island Cats said...

We hope you can find one and help a kitty out too!