Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Momma and the Bean V-E-T

Before we get too far, we also want to thank those of us that gave us awards recently. We will do a proper post on that once Mom is done with her homework.

But she wanted us to tell everycat how happy she is about her appointment with the Bean V-E-T. Strangely enough, Mom actually didn't mind going. As you may remember, she found out a few weeks ago that her kneecaps is tilted, quite dramatically in fact, and she now has to go to a Fissical Therapist Bean Vet for 6 weeks, twice a week, to try and get her kneecaps not so tilted.

Well, her first appointment was Monday. They didn't do much exercises, but they had her walk around on stairs so they could see how she walked (she said lots of bad words under her breath for that) and then they taped up each of her knees really tight to make braces, basically. She will get new tape each visit, and will wear it until the tape starts to fall off. She absolutely loves the tape, she says it makes her knees feel much much better! The only bad thing was when the tape comes off, she had to rip it off, and it's basically like having a giant bandaid around your knee, so it's quite ouchafull!! (They put cotton underneath some of the tape, but they obviously have to stick it to your knee somehow) But she said it was definitely worth it, and can't wait to get taped again tonight!

Oh, and then they also electrocuted her and froze her! They put ice on her knee and sent small shocks to her knees to make them feel better too. We think that's wierd, but eh.

Last thing about this...Daddy almost got bit this morning!! She has to do strange exercises twice a day..and when she does them she strangely decided she DOESN'T like the therapists. She has one where she leans over and makes a kicking motion. She started saying mean things about the therapist, and Dad stood behind her with a wierd smile and said "Hmmm..I LIKE the therapist!" and Mom turned around and glared at him. He ran off, but she was sore from doing the exercises so she couldn't chase him!! We don't really get what that was about, but we think Dad might be in trouble.


Alasandra said...

We don't gets it either but Mommy is laughing and saying MEN in an exasperated tone, so we thinks she might gets it.

Hope your Mom gets better soon. Youngest boy bean dislocated his knee last year and they electrocuted him at PT. He seemed to like it too. ~S,S & C

Everycat said...

It was lucky your Dad didn't get a kick in the hoohaas since he was standing behind your Mom. Tee Hee!

I'm glad the big bandaids are helping your Mom's knees. A phsiotherapist once told our Mum that it's good to hate the therapist when you are doing the exercises as it makes you do the exercises better! Wierd!

Whicky Wuudler

Fin said...

Hi I am adding you to my lurk list.. and I'll likely comment. I can't help myself it seems!

Hope your mom gets non-ouchie taping.