Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Fin invites everyone to show their baby pictures. Well, we are still kittens, but in this New Year's Collage Mom helped us post some of our earliest baby photos from when we arrived here with Mom and Dad in September.

Happy New Year Effuryone!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Mom, what's this?

These don't look like cookies!

They are looking a little more like cookies now. This is your great-great-grandma-from-Poland's ressipee? What are they called? Cherry Kolaches?

Cats can't eat cookies? But they are allowed to pass out the recipe if beans email us at catsinmd at gmail dot com?

Nice cookies, Mom! (Mom says to tell you that the finished product got brought to work and eated before she realized she forgot to take pictures of them. But the last picture was them all done before they went into the big hot box).
P.S. Mom and Dad are home now!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Awards

(We are still on auto-post since the beans are still in Furrginia. They will be back later tonight and we hope to start visiting again later this week, but Mom helped us load up a bunch of posts before she left)

We have TWO awards that Mom never helped us post, and she has one.

From KC
From The Creek Cats and From EveryCat

From Castle, on behalf of Storm

This one was extra special indeed. It was given to Mom and Dad for how well they took care of Texie when he had lymphoma.
Mom and us are supposed to pass on all 3 awards, but Mom is just so busy right now she really doesn't have the time. But the third one she feels we need to pass on, so we give it to Moki's Mom and NotTheMama. We also want to pass it on to TheBigThing for how well he cared for Skeeter and how good he is to LC and Ayla too.

CLICK HERE or scroll down to enter the cattion contest for this week!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

See Ya Later, Mom and Dad!

Cloud: OK, I've got myself all packaged and ready to be shipped to Grampa and Gramma's house so I can be where Mom and Dad will be this weekend!

Niko: Cloud, get out of the box! You have to stay here with me! I will drag you out of the box mySELF if I have to! Oh, wait, I'm sleepy. Nevermi...ZZZZZ

Have a good trip, Mom and Dad! Make sure to remind your roommate Mr. D to not accidentally lock us in the laundry room again (yeah yeah we know it's cuz we sneak in when he's not looking, but STILL!)!! See you tomorrow night!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Secret Paws Stuff

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Here are some picshures of what we got from Jake for Secret Paws:

Toys and treats..and cool green tissue paper!

Fancy feets. Ooh, we bet it's yummy! (It was, we nommed both cans!)

Lots and lots and lots of toys!

Thanks for effurything, Jake!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Cattion Contest Time!

Here is this week's picture for the Cattion Contest. Put your cattions in the comments, you have until 9PM EST MONDAY this time to submit, 'acause Mom and Dad are ABANDONING US over the weekend so they can go visit Dad's parents. Also, we announced the winners of the last two contests earlier today, so be sure to check that!

Contest Winners!

OK, Mom is sitting down with us tonight and we are auto-loading a bunch of posts over the next week, so we will FINALLY be announcing the awards we got, and a bunch of other stuff, so check back here frequently! ALSO, there will be a new cattion contest today, check back later today for it!

Anyway, Sweet Praline is the winner for the Cattion Contest two weeks ago! Concatulations, and sorry this is so late!

As for the Funny Picture Friday last week, we only had 2 winners due to low participation. And the winners are:

1st place: Chili

2nd place: Flynn

Both FPF winners and the Cattion Contest winner will receive badges in their catmail soon!

The other contestants were:



Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We are safe

We are working on returning to regular blogging, but we wanted to quickly say that we are OK.
There is a giant (66 inch) water main break near D.C. Somecats may not know where in Maryland we live, so we wanted to say we live a bit north of that (we live in Baltimore, not DC) and so our Mom was not one of the cars trapped in that.
Just to give you an idea, the biggest report of a water main break mom could find besides this current one was only 44 inches, and it seems to her most water main breaks are only 20 inches or less. So wow, one big water main break!

In ofur news, we did get subjected to BATHS last night just because we decided it would be a good idea to divert a game of THoE through the litter box.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

6th photo meme

So Mom FINALLY decided to help us with the 6th photo meme. We are supposed to pick the 6th photo in the 6th subfolder of the 6th folder, or whatever.
Well, the 6th photo in the 6th folder is a very blurry picture of the back of a car (not what mom was intending to take a picture of of course) when she went with her friend through a drive-through Christmas lights thingy called "Lights on the Bay". Well, the photos at that link are interesting, and a few of the OTHER pictures in that folder were interesting, but we really didn't think you'd want to see a blurry photo of a car with a teeny bit of blurry Christmas light in the background. We will show you some of the BETTER photos from that folder one day soon, though, wethinks.

So, Mom broke the rules and retrieved the 6th picture in the 6th subfolder of the FIFTH folder. This would be from the "My old neighborhood" folder of the "Chicago 2008" folder. Mom went to Chicago this year to sightsee and also see some of her family and some of her parent's friends (Mom moved from Chicago when she was just a kitten (moved at 10 mos old), but her parents had lived there their whole lives until then). So, this is the street where Mom lived when she was just a tiny kitten, before she moved to Maryland.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our names got changed...

So Dad put this strange tall green thing in our living room today. It looks like the trees outside, only it doesn't taste like them, and believe us we've tried to eat it!
It also has these lights on it.
We keep trying to eat the tree and the lights, or attack it, or climb it, but mostly eat it, and this seems to be confusing our parents.
We think they have forgot our names.
They keep calling us strange names, like:
The seem very annoyed about our new names, too.
We dun get it...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mom won! Mom won!

Mom and Dad just came home from the balls-and-pins place, and Mom is really really happy!
See, efurry week one of the beans at the balls-and-pins place sets out a cup, and if beans want, they put one green paper each in the cup. At the end of the third game, whoever knocked down the most pins over their average in the third game gets to take all the green papers home!
Well tonight, Mom knocked down 14 pins more than her average (they bowl duckpin, Mom's average is only 78 and her last game was 92), so she got to take home all 15 green papers!! Yay!!! She also bowled her average or better in all 3 games!!

Funny Picture Friday is BACK!

Yes, we still have awards to give out and to announce, as well. We have to announce a winner for the cattion contest too.
But for now:
Effuryone send a funny picture to catsinmd at gmail dot com for the contest tonight!
Our funny picture will be appearing later tonight. You have until 9pm est to send us a picture.

Also, be sure to scroll down and see Cloud's funny video!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is Cloud Wierd?

Does anycat think Cloud is wierd because she ENJOYS getting her lysine? (She is syringe fed it only because I have to be syringefed it, since I'm NORMAL and HATE MEDICINE like I'm supposed to! -Niko)

Enjoy the videos!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Secret Paws

We got our Secret Paws stuff in the mail recently, Mom says we can show it in a few days when we catch up on all the other posts we need to do, but we should thank Jake from PB&J now, so Thank You Jake!!!

Mom packed our stuff up today to go out to some lucky kitties in Purr-sylvania. Unfortunately, the printer is malfunctioning, so if it can't be fixed, Mom can't print the postage from home and will have to go to the Post Office Monday. Fortunately, Purrsylvania isn't far from Meowyland, so it should still make it in time for Chrismouse.
Here is what our friends in Purrsylvania will be getting:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mom's eyes are leaky

We have awards to blog about and a meme and all sorts of fun stuff.
But right now we can't, cuz Mom's eyes are leaky and we have to make a pile o' purring on her...

See, the animal hospital that Texas boarded at over the summer wasn't Texas' / our regular vet, but rather one Mom picked out especially because they had good boarding. And so they did not know that Texas had went to the bridge, and so they sent mom a reminder card today that Texas would be due for a 6 month checkup soon, and Mom's eyes have been leaking alot since then.

We have to go purr on her now.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cattion Contest is BACK!

Sorry this is a little late, Mom really needed to keep the video of Texas up for a while today. Scroll down or click here if you missed it.

We want to do the 6th picture meme and announce our awards soon. Until then though, let's get silly picture fridays back on track with a Cattion Contest! Submit your funny cattions until 9pm est Sunday! Here is this week's picture...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fractious Cat Friday- Texas, the beans miss you!

This is more like a funny video than fractious, but Texas was the ultimate Fractious Cat, whether he was being funny or fractious at that moment. Mom is really missing Texas a lot lately.

This was a song Dad would help Texas "lipsynch" frequently, and this video of it was taken on one of the last nights before Texas died. (So make sure your volume is on, of course)

Texas, Mom and Dad miss you so very much and think of you all the time.

Kitty Water Fountain

We were quite dismayed that we lost the raffle for the Drinkwell Fountain to benefit Moki.
We obviously are still quite glad we got to help him, and happy for Artsy Catsy for winning.

But dag nabbit, we want one. And MOM wants one for us, so we might stop sneaking into the bathtub and drinking water out of glasses and trying to crawl into the sink, etc etc.

So, Mom knows a lot of you kitty bloggers have your own shops and affiliate programs and stuff. If you have a fountain for sale (We think we would like the Drinkwell, but if its a different one Mom will still look into it for us)or available through your affiliate linkies put a note in our comments or send us an email at catsinmd at gmail dot com and Mom will look at them and buy from the kitty with the best price. She does know she can get it at Amazon, but she wants to try and benefit a kitty in the process, if she can!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rest in Peace, Dear Friends

Skeeter has gone to the bridge. Please go send some purrs to LC, Ayla, and TBT.

UPDATE: We also learned that Cloud Chaser and Mr. Kelly also died today. This is so sad for us kitties and beans, but we know that there are three newly healthy kitties at the bridge, and it is very good that they are healthy again.

Momma and the Bean V-E-T

Before we get too far, we also want to thank those of us that gave us awards recently. We will do a proper post on that once Mom is done with her homework.

But she wanted us to tell everycat how happy she is about her appointment with the Bean V-E-T. Strangely enough, Mom actually didn't mind going. As you may remember, she found out a few weeks ago that her kneecaps is tilted, quite dramatically in fact, and she now has to go to a Fissical Therapist Bean Vet for 6 weeks, twice a week, to try and get her kneecaps not so tilted.

Well, her first appointment was Monday. They didn't do much exercises, but they had her walk around on stairs so they could see how she walked (she said lots of bad words under her breath for that) and then they taped up each of her knees really tight to make braces, basically. She will get new tape each visit, and will wear it until the tape starts to fall off. She absolutely loves the tape, she says it makes her knees feel much much better! The only bad thing was when the tape comes off, she had to rip it off, and it's basically like having a giant bandaid around your knee, so it's quite ouchafull!! (They put cotton underneath some of the tape, but they obviously have to stick it to your knee somehow) But she said it was definitely worth it, and can't wait to get taped again tonight!

Oh, and then they also electrocuted her and froze her! They put ice on her knee and sent small shocks to her knees to make them feel better too. We think that's wierd, but eh.

Last thing about this...Daddy almost got bit this morning!! She has to do strange exercises twice a day..and when she does them she strangely decided she DOESN'T like the therapists. She has one where she leans over and makes a kicking motion. She started saying mean things about the therapist, and Dad stood behind her with a wierd smile and said "Hmmm..I LIKE the therapist!" and Mom turned around and glared at him. He ran off, but she was sore from doing the exercises so she couldn't chase him!! We don't really get what that was about, but we think Dad might be in trouble.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bad Kitties? Who? Us?

Mom is taking a quick break from studying to share some "evidence" of what naughty kitties we are. We fink she is fibbin'. She claims that she saw Cloud in the soup pot (well, you wasn't using it, and it didn't give Dad no right to pretend to close me in for the next picshur!).

She also claims that we crashed into our food bowl and made a mess.

Cats are allowed in front of the computer, right?

She insists that we've been using the box Guitar Hero came in as a "nest" and have dragged the paper out onto the floor to play with (don't worry, we is supervised when we play with it- we mean, no, we don't play with the box or the paper at all)

What do you mean you have VIDEO evidence too?!

All lies we say, all lies!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Important PSA and another blogging hiatus

Hewo effurybuddy!
Mom asked that we pass this Pee--Ess--Ay on to everycat. Please tell your beans to check their plastic green paper cards for small charges from a company called "Adele Services" (sometimes it also shows up as "GFDL"). Either some bad people have accessed some company's credit card files, or they are randomly generating credit card #s, and then they put a small charge on a credit card, and then they clean out your account.
Mom says her plastic cards are safe for now, but she wanted everycat to show this article to their beans.

In other news, Mom says next week is "finals week" and so she has to do lots of homework and studying. She says a week from tomorrow is her last final, and so she says we probably won't be able to blog until then. So this week's silly picture contest is cancelled AGAIN, but she PROMISES next Friday she'll be done school and be able to help us then. So, we'll see you all next Friday with another cattion contest! See you soon!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Guess what MomBean got on Black Friday Sale?!

She normally doesn't do Black Friday shopping, but it was really slow at work on Friday and so she got to leave work early, and stopped by the place with the red bullseyes and got this...

A Niko-approved Xbox! (And more importantly, a BOX!)

5 Months Old Today

Mom sez kitties are getting so big!!
We say, well duhhh mom, that's WHAT WE DO.
Only 7 more months until we iz Adult Kitties.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cool Jewelry Auction

We just wanted to tell effuryone about the latest auction to help Moki, Beau, and Billy SweetFeets. There is lots of jewelry up for auction! Please go check it out!

Turkey, Turkey, and The V-E-T

Wow, yesterday was fun. Lots of people, but they wuz all very nice, and a lot of them controlled the silver pen thing. The silver pen thing is cool because it puts this cool red dot called a "lay zer" all around the house for us to chase, and this makes us happy.

And then we got to eat LOTS of turkey. We found out Cloud doesn't like fresh turkey, but I sure do! I ate 2 whole tiny plate-fulls (the plate was full but not piled high or anything)all by myself!

Most of the strange beans went back home yesterday, but the first set of strangers from Friday night is still here. Mom says they are called our "Uncle" and "Anty". We dunno, but our Anty doesn't look anything like an Ant.

This morning we both went to the vet for our checkupss. I got my final baby shot today (Cloud wasn't sick before, so she's already done with all hers) and we both got checkups. The vet tech said she thought we both sounded a little congested, but the doctor said only I was congested. So Cloud is apparently OK, and I just have a teeny tiny cold again, so I got another shot of the antibiotic that I had when I had my UTI. They said I am not full of poop anymore, and they took a sample of my pee to check later just to be sure that is gone. So in other words, we are both two healthy kitties!