Thursday, February 12, 2009

13 things the beans have said to us lately

1 "Uh oh. One of the litter box covers was removed and there is litter and pawprints everywhere! BATH TIME!"
2 "Cloud, stop biting my feet"
3 "Niko, stop biting my feet"
4 "How did you get that toy all the way under there"
5 "Cloud, my computer does not need to be repaired, thank you"
6 "Cloud, the printer does not need to be repaired, thank you"
7 "Cloud, Niko, you guys are not canned goods, get out of the cabinet"
8 "Get of the refrigerator, you two"
9 "Get your own water bowl!"
10 "Cloud, you have no new messages!"
11 "Cloud, you can't use the telephone!"
12 "Niko, Cloud's tail isn't dinner"
13 "It's really nice out, want to go outside guys?"
Check back in a few days for more info on #13!!


Parker said...

We have heard some of those things too around here!
ps - Thanks for the positive thoughts for my Mommy

Monty Q. Kat said...

I got to go outside yesterday, I hope you did too!