Thursday, February 5, 2009


Niko: My goodness, we really slacked off on the postings, didn't we!! Sorry bout dat!
Cloud: So..the winner of this week's Cattion Contest is...

Concatulations, Milo! Your badge should be in the emailz soon!
Tune in tomorrow for Funny Pictor Friday! Submit your funny pictors to catsinmd at gmail dot com


Kiddo said...

Hey there! Come by on Friends Friday and see who I am featuring today! (Hint: It's the two cutest kittens in MD)


The Island Cats said...

Hey that's a funny one! Congrats to Milo!

Eric and Flynn said...

Well done Milo, that's a good one.

Milo said...

Wow! I can't believe I won ... and I can't believe my slack secretary (aka Mom) didn't bring me here and spot I'd won. Shucks! You must think I'm very rude not saying thank you sooner.

So THANK YOU! I'm thrilled. I never won a Cattion Contest before! I can't wait to get my badge!