Monday, February 23, 2009

Mancat Monday

(We have an award to announce tomorrow, plus the winner of Funny Picture Friday).

One of the duties of a ManCat is to give your sisfur a real cat-bath, after her bath in the big white thing (baf-tub) in the human litterbox room.

OK, that was too difficult. Cloud, bathe yourself, I need to bathe me.

Cloud wouldn't need the bath in the big white thing(baf-tub) and then the bath by me if she would stop sneaking in the human litterbox room and playing in the round white thing (toy-lit). Yes, the beans try to keep the door closed but there are three forgetful beans in this house. Oy.

UPDATE per comments: They also try to remember to close the lid to the round white thing, but they are forgetful beans and somebody usually forgets that too. But they said that having to give Cloud a bath every time she plays in the toylit is slowing making them better at remembering!


Dana said...

Mom understands this because I have just discovered the big white thing in the human litter box too! It's fun!!
Maggie May

Alasandra said...

Our beans always keep the top to the big white thing DOWN. It was a MOMMY LAW even before they had cats and Daddy and the Boy beans know not to break that LAW. They try to remember to keep the door closed cause Scylla likes to tear up the toilet paper but sometimes they forget or they don't shut the door good and Scylla can open it. ~S,S,C & F

Cat with a garden said...

Eeeeeeew, Cloud! Now, we would do that too but the top is always closed here. Mom established that because she was afraid I would fall in there when I arrived as a kitten. It makes a great place to sit on for a cat!
Purrs, Siena

Rusty said...

My mom always keeps the top down on the human litterbox. My brother, Grady, used to play in it all the time if she left it open. Water all over the place!

The Island Cats said...

We think those forgetful beans should start remembering or else let them lick Cloud clean!

Eric and Flynn said...

We can't get in ours either cuz mum sez it's the big rule to keep the lid down.

Tuck said...

I feel sorry for you Cloud...baths aren't much fun!

T'Abby Normal said...

toy-lit? You mean there are more toys in the bathroom than just the tub?